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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Man claims he has walked through building walls while going out of body

Most of the people who are on the sleep side, for sure that don't believe in the idea of getting out of body as their awareness of the true essence of their being is really low. But thanks to the mass awakening our planet is going through, many is experiencing a frequency update which helps to become more open minded when it comes to spiritual topics.

There is also a lot of scientists who are working to find scientific evidence so they can prove the existence of life after death. While they work hard to find evidence, those on the awake side love to explore and experiment with their self. One of them is Todd Acamesis, a spiritual guru who claims that he is able to walk through physical walls while being out of of body. Not only this, but the awake man also says he can also explore places in distance via "remote viewing".

It is not so surprising to me as it is to those who live life on low vibrations. The man who claims such weird stuff for the masses, practices Astral Projection, a technique which helps to separate the astral body from the physical one.

You can follow his work on spiritualundergound website, where the Canadian spiritual guru teaches different metaphysical techniques to his students.

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