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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Is it possible to find your twinflame by your own will?

Lately I am receiving a lot of consciousness downloads from the main Source and I love sharing the received spiritual wisdom with those on the awake side. Being the spiritual messenger is something which I have been chosen for, so I do it with passion as it is my main mission here on the physical plane.

Question: Is it possible to find your twinflame by yourself, without the interference of God or Universe in the third dimensional reality?

Based on the whole lessons I have experienced during the twinflame mission so far, I do know for sure that a twinflame is our true mirror, a perfect reflection of the true essence of our soul. They're put in here to remind us who we truly are so we can start and walk the true path here on mother Earth.

But how many people on this dimension materialize the true essence of their soul instead of living illusions which have been implemented in their ego? Not many! Only a few I would say. Maybe not even one percent of the Earth's population. 

Based on the Law Of Attraction, we attract situations and energy based on the vibration which we emit out on the Universe. So if one wants to meet their true mirror, they need to reflect their true soul in the physical plane.

The illusions which have been implemented in us during the entire history of our existence, should be faced in order for you to find your true self. But this is very hard, hell must be experienced first. Most do not believe in the existence of their twinflame for the main fact that they don't truly exist in the third dimensional reality; oh they do, but just as a simulation of the ego.

As long as you decide to work on yourself so you can discover the true essence of your soul, it is possible to attract your twinflame as they may be here in this plane, but your current vibration attracts soulmates, karmic partners, not them. There are many lessons which the soul has to take before it fully wakes up from the illusions produced by the ego; those who have met their other half are on their last incarnation here on mother Earth.

So it is possible! Yes! It is is possible to meet your beloved one, your true mirror, but first you have to meet your true self and embrace it in the physical. It is the laws of the Universe which take care of everything once you reach unconditional love for yourself, as we experience the reality based on the energy which we radiate.

When one meets their true self and embrace himself or herself in the physical plane, a frequency is being dropped in the Universe. This frequency attracts the same, in this case your twinflame.

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