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Saturday, November 11, 2017


Illuminati does not want people to open their Third Eye

As we advance on our spiritual awakening, we learn new things every day it passes. The good thing is that we are all together in the mission of upgrading mother Earth to a higher frequency so we can learn to live based on the vibration of love. Although most of us want this for the evolution of humanity, there is also a small group of people, known as the dark elite, who want to keep us down as this way it is easier for them to enslave us.

Because of the mass awakening which has started to take over the Earth, the evil elite is trying harder than ever to lower our frequencies mainly by upping the poisons in the food each one of us consumes in their daily lives. They fear the upgrade of our vibration as such thing means knowledge of self and when one is fully equipped with knowledge about their true self, the dark elite can not control them for the main reason that they have realized the true essence of their soul.

One thing which Illuminati truly fears is the opening of the Third Eye, something which only those who are advanced spiritually can achieve. According to material I have studied online, the Third Eye is not physical and access to it requires soul maturity only a few have right now in this planet. But what is the purpose of opening the Third Eye? What benefits does it bring?

Personally I have not opened my Third Eye, but according to those who have done, Third Eye leads to higher realms and connection with beings which our normal eyes can not see because they're limited. Not only this, one with their Third Eye opened is a very powerful being as they're able to see auras, judge people based on their energies and setup contact with advanced beings such as angels for example.

But they don't want to see us evolve spiritually, they hate the fact the Creator is sending us energy waves which are going to help in raising our vibration. They don't want us to open our Third Eye, they don't even want us to know about it!

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