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Saturday, November 25, 2017


How to raise your vibration during the awakening

Being on the awake side for so many years now, the real goal is to raise the vibration. The energies have been so crazy lately, those who are on the spiritual path have experienced a lot of pain because of the major releases of negative emotions and energies of the past. 

Personally I have been through a lot of emotional struggle lately as I am upgrading frequency again and I am releasing so much toxic which I have accumulated in my previous karmic life experiences here on the Earth plane. The vibration upgrade is not an easy process for the main reason that the majority of humans are still operating the third dimension from their ego. While going through a frequency upgrade, it happens that one becomes prey of the most low frequencies available on this plane as the dark energies hidden in them do attract such vibrations. 

Although the frequency upgrade happens automatically, one can manually contribute to raise their personal vibration by doing the followings.

Eat fresh fruits, directly from trees

My father has planted a lot of trees around the house which produce fruits and I really thank him and the Universe for that! Now that I am on the awake side, I truly do understand the importance of fresh organic food. According to some research I did on the Internet, I have come to the conclusion that the evil elite are trying to keep us in lower frequencies by feeding us with toxic food. So what better than fresh fruits can help one on their spiritual journey?

Every food that we eat is responsible for our personal vibration. For me, fresh oranges are working great as they're helping me to clean the toxic and refresh myself. Each day, in the morning, I pick up two oranges from the trees in my garden. 

Although my father is saying "Wait till they grow more son" all the time, he does not understand how important it is for me to eat fresh food as he is on the sleep side. So I am stealing his oranges and there is nothing wrong with it because the more I heal myself, the more I heal my family and the more I heal my planet. 

So when you think deeply, I am doing it for everyone of us guys. I am doing it for the planet.

Go and connect with mother Nature

Nature is a very good source of pure light, when you go close to it you connect directly with God. Lately I am going very often to a place close to my home, pure Nature in there guys. It is helping me to connect back to myself, the main Source and also raise my vibration. Although most of you guys are busy in your daily jobs, connecting back to Nature is a must for those on the spiritual path, so I highly recommend you go and spend time alone in Nature.

Please do it! You guys are going to thank me later!

Drink lots of water

Oh water, dear water! No matter how much I love beer, in the end my true love is water. Water helps to clean toxic, refresh your body and upgrade your frequency. Personally, during this energetic shift which I am going right now, my body requires water often. I am going through a major detoxing guys as I am upgrading frequency again.

Connect with others like you

Not only we do radiate our energy, but we also pick up that of others around us. When you're awake it is kinda hard to navigate the third dimension as you become an easy target for those who live by exploiting others. So it is better that you stay in connection with those on similar paths, in our case with those who are going through spiritual awakening. Connecting with others on the awake side is going to help you heal and upgrade your personal vibration. The same goes for them.

Smoke weed

Being a nerd who was all the time on books, in the beginning I was sacred to smoke weed as the mind programming used to tell me so. When I tried it, it was one of the best things we do have on mother Earth. Weed helps to clean the paranoia which has been stored inside you from the past life experiences. In other words it helps to vibrate higher as when you smoke it you kinda get a little bit out of your physical shell and operate directly from the soul.

Start running or play a sport

Running or sports is a very good way to clean the toxic which has been stored in your emotional body and also discharge the negative energies on mother Earth. The more toxic you remove from your own physical body, the higher you vibrate. So long story short, by doing so you raise your personal vibration.

Listen to high frequency music

As the greatest genius of all times said, everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency. We are frequency too. A good way to detox, heal and raise vibration is by listening to high vibrational music. The followings is some links which I have been using in the past with the main purpose of helping my soul heal and grow.

Quit smoking, coffee and alchool

Tobacco, coffee and alchool is massively and frequently consumed in the world which we live today, that's one of the main reasons why mother Earth is suffering from low vibrations. Such products cause a heavy frequency downgrade in the one who consumes them, that's why The Dark Elite, heavily advertises each one of them in their promoting networks.

To be honest, I am not totally against the consuming of the above products as if used in the right way, there is no problem with it.

Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook account for spiritual wisdom and help, I would be happy to upload consciousness into you. Love and Light!

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