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Friday, November 3, 2017


Giant alien shocks people

A weird creature has been floating over the Zambia's sky, leaving people in a state of shock and disbelief. According to hidden-truth blog, people were panicked and started to run away in fear. Some, more spiritually advanced, stayed and adored the hybrid creature the same way most worship God.

According to local witnesses, the weird alien shape remained visible on the sky for about half an hour, and it looked just like a human in the clouds. While for a few such stuff was entertaining, for the most of the people it was a scary event so they immediately ran away.

Based on the image provided above, the humanoid looks like some kind of holographic projection, but there is no proof to back up such hypothesis. There is many conspiracy theories going on, one being the project Blue Beam. By using this project, it is believed that the evil elite  can easily use advanced holographic technology with the main purpose of keeping humanity under the vibration of fear.

All we can do is think of different hypothesis and discuss the event among each other, there is nothing sure what it is.

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