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Friday, November 10, 2017

ELON MUSK: 'We need to leave earth as soon as possible'

Mother Earth has been suffering from many huge disasters in its past, but many species that used to live in here millions of years ago have been disappeared during the natural disasters. Being worried about future disasters, able to destroy our entire planet, famous engineer Elon Musk is suggesting we move to planet Mars.

Although his way of thinking may seem a bit crazy to the masses who are in deep sleep, in my opinion the billionaire is right at some point. Can you imagine a neighboring star system exploding; we may all get burn and vaporized if such thing happens.

Truly concerned about the survival of the humanity, Elon Musk suggests we visualize mother Earth as a hard drive and its species as important excel documents.

Visualize Earth as a hard drive, and every single species is a word document saved on that hard drive. The hard drive has already been crashed at least five times, and each time it misses a giant piece of those documents (species being vanished). So you can reflect the human species as an extremely valuable document generated on that hard drive: “Now—if you owned a hard drive with an extraordinarily important Excel doc on it, and you knew that the hard drive pretty reliably tended to crash every month or two, with the last crash happening five weeks ago—what’s the very obvious thing you’d do? You’d copy the document onto a second hard drive.”

Not only Musk is suggesting that we send colonists to the red planet, but also saying that a civilization similar to what we already have in here should be started in there. I am truly curious about your opinion on this topic guys, we should be more opened to each other and discuss stuff which is truly important for our evolution as species.

Love and Light!

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