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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Complete signs you are an earth angel, first part

As I was going through spiritual awakening, I came across a spiritual healer who is an earth angel. Because of the hard twinflame experience I was going through at that time, I decided to write to this women and it felt really weird. The energy which she radiates is from a very high frequency, from angelic realms I would say. I have had multiple conversations with her and to be honest it was very healing for me. By the frequency she was receiving from me, she told me I am an earth angel too, so I became really curious about such topic and started reading about it on online forums. And to make it more concrete for you guys, I am posting a photo of her so you can truly understand the kind of vibe she transmits in the world.

Angelica, an earth angel working to upgrade the frequency of mother Earth

The main mission of earth angels here on mother Earth is to help humanity evolve to higher frequencies and create conscious templates so each one of us can live their own life based on high vibrations. Having discovered I am one myself, I am deciding to share the complete signs which prove one is an earth angel, all the spiritual wisdom comes from my personal experience.

You are very naive

Being on a higher frequency makes one really vulnerable to the third dimension reality, a reality in which low vibrations such as fear is the main rulers. Most of the people who are still in deep sleep, tend to have a manipulative nature as they're being taught so because of the outdated templates which are being created based on the vibration of fear. Personally I do suffer a lot when it comes to navigating the physical plane as I have the kind of heart I want to help everyone so I end up energetically sucked by others.

When you are an earth angel being here on mother Earth, not only people do exploit you and suck your energy, but they also label you as naive for helping them.

You are very shy

Earth angels are very shy, especially with people they don't know. Because of extreme shyness, they usually spend a lot of time alone, locked in their room. Personally I don't like social interacting much and I spend my time reading books or writing articles on my blog.

You help others more than yourself

Helping others in their journey here on mother Earth is truly important to an earth angel, this the main reason why they get energetically drained a lot. Personally I do find a lot of joy in helping others as when they're happy, I am happy too. We are all connected.

You can not hurt others

Most of the people going through their experience here on Earth hold a lot of karma. As an earth angel you are pure light, playing manipulative games on others is not your thing. Regardless of the hurt others cause you, it is not on your nature to wrong others. Where there is conflict, you try to shut it down with your healer energies.

You have a healing voice

Most of the people find your voice's energy truly healing, especially those who are ready to go through the spiritual awakening phase. Sometimes when I watch my own videos which I have uploaded on Youtube, I do heal listening to my own voice.

You are directly connected to Nature

Nature is like God to you. When close to it, you get lost and get connected to the entire Universe. It is such connection which reminds you the true nature of your soul, the angelic realms from which you come from.

You do not follow the old templates

Most of the people in deep sleep take actions based on the outdated templates, toxic patterns from which humanity has been suffering for so many centuries. As an earth angel you do feel out of such illusions because the love you vibrate from within does not resonate with the energy of the physical plane.

You like to take care of elderly people

Taking care of elderly people is healing to an earth angel. Personally I do love to take care of my grandparents whenever they're present at my home. Being able to realize the suffer of others and solidarize with it is a sign of an earth angel.

You forgive others very easy

Because of the darkness which has blinded humanity for so many centuries, people have dark feelings towards each other, so they end up wronging one another. Others have probably wronged you in the past, but as an earth angel you never wanted revenge as you do understand that when one is in darkness they're not aware of their actions. Not only you don't want to hurt others back, but you also forgive them easily.

You give unconditional love

Earth angels vibrate from very high frequencies, one of them is unconditional love.  Because they do operate from higher vibrations, earth angels share unconditional love with other beings with the main purpose of teaching them the true way to live the life.

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