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Saturday, November 18, 2017


All twinflames will unite in the physical, here is why

Having downloaded some consciousness from the Source lately, I have come to the conclusion that all the twinflames will unite in the physical. The Creator has planed it all, everything will happen at the right moment.

Although many twinflames are having a difficult time right now because they're probably going through multiple dark nights of the soul, having experienced all the darkness myself I can say that all will be fine. The age of illusions is coming to an end, the entire humanity is entering a period of mass awakening.

No more duality. Love and Oneness. Twinflames are in here to prove humanity that unconditional love is the true love, and it exists for real. Illusions such as race, nationality, social status and age are no longer in control of the twinflame couples, time for the 3D union is finally here. Our Creator has divine plans for us, all the twinflames will create conscious families and birth awake children so they can help mother Earth enter The Age Of Unconditional Love.

A healthy society is composed of healthy individuals and families. The main shift of humanity to higher frequencies such as unconditional love is going to happen with the help of twinflame couples who are in here to create conscious families. God himself wants the union of the twins in the physical plane as it is through them he or she can heal the planet.

Mentioned in the Bible, all the 144000 lightworkers are twinflames are they're in their last incarnation here on Mother Earth with the main purpose of creating conscious families and teaching humanity unconditional love. God wants the physical union of the twinflames!

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