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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


11/22/2017 spiritual update

Hello awake souls. Today is a very special day. As I cleanse toxic and move to higher frequencies, I deeply connect with the Source. Every time I do so, I love to share the messages I download with you guys, as we all are messengers of the New Earth.

The date of today is very special, it is 11/22/2017. 11 is the code which represents unity. We are stepping from Duality to Oneness. Although most of the people are still prey of the low frequencies, and find it hard to realize the vibration upgrade which we are all going through, the thing is that mother Earth is moving to The Age Of Unconditional Love. Everyone is waking up, they just fail to see it! Most are not ready for the big conscious downloads. But we are, we are the pre chosen ones, so we must work hard on ourselves and transmit love without conditions whenever we can.

Today, as I was thinking about writing this article. I got another message from the Source. The digital clock showed 11:11 guys, the code of Unity. Each one of us lightworkers is moving into unity with their true self in the physical plane, and we should be happy for it.

Owww, and now it is 11:22, it feels like this moment is lasting forever. 

Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook account for spiritual wisdom and help, I would be happy to upload consciousness into you. Love and Light!

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