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Saturday, October 21, 2017

'Why i love Lucifer', guy explains why he worshipps Lucifer

The awakening of humanity comes with the fall of many illusions. As the Earth upgrades to higher frequencies, many people are getting rid of their fears which kept them imprisoned in the old belief systems.

But the awakening does not make everyone happy, especially those who are deeply programmed and on some specific religious path. For those who are religious, anyone who likes Lucifer, is being considered as a devil worshipper.

Lately there is many people on the Internet expressing their personal views on the God's favorite angel freely, without any fear of being judged. Although such stuff is truly good for the freedom of speech, it is getting the kind of attention which brings a lot of hate, negative energy that comes from people deeply blinded by religious dogma.

While surfing on Youtube, I came across a video where a young guy explains his love for Lucifer, so I decided to share it with you guys. Make sure to watch it as I am truly curious about the opinion of the spiritually awake people on such matter.
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