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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Politician burns the NATO flag

Vojislav Seselj burning the NATO flag

Dear awake souls, the world is going through major energetic changes. As we progress on our spiritual awakening, we get rid of many illusions which we thought as true in our past because of the low frequencies we were vibrating in. The frequency upgrade of mother Earth is helping humanity to realize the true essence of its soul, and separate the fake from real.

Although most of the sheep believe NATO to be just an intergovernmental defence alliance in which all members mutually respond to an external attack, there is some one the awake side who say such organization is of terrorist nature. These souls who have a totally different opinion on NATO than that of the masses,  for sure face a lot of psychological pressure which comes from old belief systems.

The purpose of this short article is not to prove whether NATO is a terrorist organization or not, because that's a hard topic for me to discuss right now, but to prove that there are still brave souls on mother Earth who dare to think on their own, instead of getting brainwashed by what the media tells us. One of them is Vojislav Seselj, a Serbian politician who bravely accuses NATO for the disintegration of his former country, Yugoslavia. Although I do not resonate with the ideology of his political party, for sure I do support his action of burning the NATO flag.  

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