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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Pastor says he is too holy to match his feet on the floor

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Christ consciousness has been misused by so many people who pretend they have a direct connection with God, only so they can personally benefit. Because most of the people are on the sleep side, they get easily manipulated by anyone who comes as a wolf in sheep clothes. 

Lately there is a post about a Pastor on the internet who thinks he is too holy for his feet to touch the ground; he prefers to walk on people.

Dear awake souls, there is no doubt he is a fake one. Such stuff has nothing to do with the kingdom of God, for sure he is a wolf in sheep clothes. Anyone who follows him or believes is sacred is blinded by the darkness.

Thanks God, the spiritual awakening is helping to expose the evil which has controlled humanity for so many centuries.  Make sure to leave your opinion in the comments section, I am truly curious about what you have to say.

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