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Friday, October 20, 2017


Cyber fauna with commentary notes

As I progress on my spiritual awakening journey, I discover more about myself. Lately, while searching on google images the term fish bear,  I did find some amazing artwork which resonates completely with the true essence of my soul, so i decided to share my commentary on such masterpieces with you guys.

The first one I am going to share is the bear fish, or fish bear, call it each way you like. Because of the christ consciousness I have achieved after waking up from illusions, people around are calling me a fish; they're right. I am a fish against the flow.

The art piece being shared above, means a lot to me as I stand for my own truth no mater what, it is bear energy which helps me do so. A lot of psychological pressure has been put on me by my society, but I forgive them as they're blinded by the low frequencies, like most on this planet. Some were even telling me to jump off some high tower and kill myself; I did look the devils in the eyes and stood up like a little bear. It was so hard guys!

I also do identify myself with earth angels, never wanted to hurt someone. I love myself too much to do that. The following is an angel bear.

It feels so good to see yourself materialized in some art form. Those who hold angel frequencies will find the above masterpiece truly beautiful as it reminds them who they really are, the true essence of their soul. Earth angels have incarnated here on mother Earth to help in the evolution of the collective to higher frequencies, such as love.

One does not resonate only with one animal, especially when they're awake, when they vibrate on higher frequencies. There is also a part of me which identifies with the horse too; for example I am a work horse when I truly do enjoy working, no matter if there is any financial benefit to it or not.

The above masterpiece reminds each one of us on the awake side about the amazing work we have done on improving ourselves; we are work horses of self development. The inner bear energies help us to protect and continue our sacred work without fear.

The last one I am going to share in this article is a squid bear. Very weird creature guys, isn't it?

Based on some information I did look up on the internet, those who resonate with the squid, do have a very strong personality. Not only this, but they also have a darker side like no other on this planet, there is something which they berry in themselves so they can stop running in confronting situations with others that do not share the same truth. Personally, after I entered the spiritual awakening, I was running in very dark feelings, removal feelings, as I was facing energy of the templates my country has inherited during the occupation by the ottoman empire. Thanks God, I discharge my negative energies on mother Earth.

A squid bear is someone who is very strong and harsh when it comes to the truth, the game is global now. Keep standing for the truths squid bears!

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