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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Complete signs you have chosen a difficult life path, first part

Each one of us incarnates on the Earth plane with the main purpose of achieving soul growth while experiencing life as a human being. Although everyone has their own struggles here on mother Earth, there is a group of souls who have chosen some of the most difficult life paths. Being one of them, I decided to share some signs which prove one has incarnated in here to get lessons by going through a lot of struggle not many can handle, sometimes hell.

You have incarnated in a very low vibrational environment

Where there is darkness, there is light. When a lightworker has incarnated in a very low vibrational environment, it usually happens that they're the main light which acts as a balancer to the illusions. As a worker of light, I find it very hard to navigate the third dimension sometimes, so hard it feels like hell. Although the pain runs deep, the fact you have planed your journey before being born in physical flesh here on this planet means you can handle almost everything that serves the growth of your soul.

You have incarnated in a dysfunctional family

Most of the families part of a low vibrational environment are being created based on karma, instead of true love. Personally I do not fear sharing I do come from one. Being part of a dysfunctional family is another type of  hell, an experience which brings so many hot tears.  Regardless of the tough experience one goes through in such family, the love for the family members is always there.

You are broke

Nowadays money is more important than ever, without it you can not access anything in the physical dimension, or at least we are being programmed to believe so. Those on the spiritual journey, who are awake right now, face a lot of financial struggle daily, mainly because the awakening has brought a lot of chaotic changes in their life. Personally I am dealing with hell when it comes to cash, bills come and I fail paying them in time.

You have a lot of karma to clean

Because of the difficult situations we had to face in our past lives, we do hold karma. Those on the difficult path usually incarnate on the physical plane to balance karma with a big group of people, so everyone balances their self and love becomes the main vibration. To be honest, after the enter of the spiritual awakening I started to update a lot of my countrymen with the wisdom which I download from the Source. Although most of the time it is painful, it is what you came here to do.

You do cry a lot

Spiritual awakening is like hell, especially to those who have incarnated in societies that are lost in the vibration of fear. Tears are normal during the awakening as they help to release the emotions which we have blocked in our past karmic situations. Feel free to cry, fear nothing and release the negative energy from your own body and soul.

God tests you often

Since my spiritual awakening, back in 2011, my life has been a true hell. Only those who have experienced it personally can understand my words. Those on a very difficult path feel the kind of pain the rest can not even imagine. Keep in mind that God gives the hardest journey to the ones he loves the most.

You feel lost and lonely

Those who are on a difficult path here on mother Earth feel lonely all the time, no matter by how many people they're being surround with. Sometimes it feels like you go crazy because of darkness which you go through.

Final thoughts

My physical shell is so fresh, but my experiences have helped my soul experience a tremendous growth. So many tears, so much darkness, so much pain. But difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations, I fully trust God.

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