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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Complete signs you are learning self worth, first part

There are many sacred lessons being learned during the spiritual awakening, each one of them comes with a lot of struggle. Although the pain runs deep, the tough experiences and the suffering is needed for the soul to realize its true essence. Having experienced all of it myself, lately I have come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason. Keeping this in mind, I am deciding to help myself by offering help to others. The purpose of this article is to share the complete signs which show one is learning to accept and love themselves without conditions.

You are not scared of being abandoned

Coming from a society in which the vibration of fear rules, after failure in college everyone started to avoid me. After having cleansed all the toxic and implemented fears from myself, now I do realize that such behavior is a result of the low frequencies; those who abandon you in difficulties are prey of illusions as they don't love themselves without conditions.

Having reached unconditional love and full acceptance for myself, I do realize that when one does not know their true worth they live fake realities, far from true love. Although in the beginning it feels real tough as nobody wants you in their circle, once you do realize unconditional love that you are, a very important truth is being learned. In reality, it is their true self they avoid, not you!

Dear awake souls, abandonment is an illusion as we all are one, nobody better than you know it as you have experienced the spiritual awakening yourself.

Others can not project their fears anymore into you

Fear is an illusion which has been controlling humanity for so many centuries, as we all know it is easier to implement fear than light. When one is prey of such low vibration, not only they do vibrate in toxic, but also attract more fear to themselves. As soon as I did fail college, fake security that I had been holding to all my life, started to trigger me. Victim of very low vibrations, the world started to seem a very cold place. But the pain which I did experience, the darkness I went through helped me realize my true worth. It helped me realize that this human life is an illusion and a reality at the same time. Such sacred knowledge is helping me to continue moving forward, progressing on my own journey and keeping others away from projecting their fears into me.

Nobody can decide your worth

Having invested a lot of money on me, after my failure in college my father changed his attitude towards me. Not only him, but even the 'close' friends. The society.  In the beginning I acted a bit crazy as I thought they did love me without conditions, at least my parents. But the truth is that you can not love someone without conditions, unless you truly love yourself.

Although my father calls me rubbish everyday, now that I have realized my true worth I do understand he does such thing because he does not love himself. Most of the world doesn't! It is not their fault as they have not entered the real spiritual awakening yet.

When one tries to put another down, they do such thing because they don't truly feel secure in themselves, they are attached to the fake security. The true one comes from within, not from the outer reality.

Writing based on personal experiences with the spiritual awakening, I can surely tell that once you realize your true worth, unconditional love, nobody can decide how much you are worth.

You don't see your worth based on achievements anymore

Since kids we are being programmed by the society to feel worthy of ourselves only when we achieve certain objectives predetermined by the matrix. Although being a productive member in the society is a very good thing, not necessarily it adds progress to the evolution of the collective consciousness. One should feel worthy of themselves in every moment, no matter what the results are. But one can not achieve such state if they are not awake to the true essence of their soul, unconditional love.

Having achieved unconditional love myself, I do not see my worth anymore based on the success in the third dimension reality as I have truly realized it is an illusion.  

You feel the love vibration all the time

When one goes through the spiritual awakening experience, in the beginning they face a lot of soul struggle which helps to grow. Regardless of the deep pain experienced, after passing the dark phase, the soul  realizes its true essence and vibrates in its true frequency. The ones who have made it on the awake side feel the unconditional love every moment here on the physical plane. Although the majority of the people don't understand such stuff because of the darkness in which they are living their human experience, you have to understand them!

Dear awake beings, only love is real. Be happy and proud of yourself for having realized it, as only when you operate through the love frequency you can truly manifest your true self in the material world.

You make connection based on your true worth

When one vibrates in low frequencies, everything they attract to themselves is of low vibration. Not having realized your true worth, is responsible for many fake relationships. One need to go through them in order to understand the true essence of their soul.

After I did discover my true worth, I started to attract other awake beings here on mother Earth. It is very simple, based on the Law Of Attraction, you attract what you are.

You take life easy

Materialism is forcing most of the human beings to take decisions they don't truly want, only because the matrix is pressuring them to look for fake worth and fake security. While them need to go through such experiences for their own soul growth,  having realized your true worth, you take life easy as you know all of it is an experience for the self development.

You feel detached from the physical reality

When the soul realizes its true essence, most of the time you feel like you are out of this world full of outdated patterns. For most of the humans on the deep sleep, accumulation of material is really important to them due to their attachment in the third dimension. The truth is that we live so many parallel realities, all of them are illusions.

But only the ones who are awake can truly realize this.

The outdated reality does not affect you anymore

Although in the beginning of the spiritual awakening the outdated reality does trigger you in every way, once you have realized the true essence of the soul, unconditional love, it is impossible for the toxic patterns to still have power over you. Such achievement is a big one, you get prepared to create the new life, the true life, based on the updated templates which are based on the unconditional love.

Final thoughts

Being on the awake side, you do know that the true worth comes from within. I know it gets hard sometimes, but we are all together in this. We are all spiritual beings living a human experience here on mother Earth. In the next part, I am going to update you guys with more signs that show one is remembering their true worth.

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