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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Complete signs you are a broken angel

Spiritual awakening experience has been so tough. No matter how hard I try to free myself from this  hell, lately it feels impossible. Dear awake souls, I know darkness is an illusion, but due to the mass awakening the entire humanity is going through, stuff is getting really hard, at least for me. Although the pain is deep and real, I know it is going to get better, but for the moment I am broken.

I am not the only one, I know it. There is so many earth angels out there who are currently having a hard time, so I decided to write this article to help those in need, so they can realize they're broken angels. All the signs being shared through this piece come from my personal experience during my incarnations here on mother Earth.

You cry a lot, sometimes with no reason

Earth angels experience life here on Earth in a very different way when compared with those of the normal human beings. Because they are already born awake, there is no illusion of separation which controls them, earth angels know we are all one. It is such important realization for our mass awakening which is responsible for angels here on Earth to feel the pain of the entire collective, resulting so in them crying frequently.

Lately, every night I go to bed, hot tears drop out. This helps me release the pain I have accumulated so far in my experience here on this planet.

You are losing faith in humanity

Regardless of a frequency upgrade many human beings are going through, humanity is still functioning on very outdated templates which are being generated based on dysfunctional patterns. As the materialism takes over the entire planet, most are feeling lost, unprepared for the new ways of how things are going to work. Because of the low vibrations present on mother Earth, humans are falling prey of evil actions; crime and war is getting present in every corner.

Due to the attraction humanity is currently feeling for darkness, an earth angel completely loses faith in humanity. And so have you.

You feel tired and powerless to continue your mission

There is a specific reason each one of us incarnates here on mother Earth, and that is to cleanse the karma which comes from the past lives. Being on the spiritual awakening experience since 2011, I can tell that when one resolves his karmic issues, they also help in the evolution of the collective consciousness, for the main fact we are all connected to each other, no matter the illusions. 

But because you have faced a lot of darkness after your spiritual awakening, you do feel broken and tired, sometimes powerless to continue forward in your own mission here on mother Earth.

You feel deep pain around your heart

Another signs which proves one is a broken angel, is the deep pain they do feel around their heart after they experience spiritual awakening. Not that only earth angels have such pain, but it is a proof your heart is in lots of pain because of the evil controlling humanity. Lately I do feel frequent grief issues being released through my heart.

You can't hold yourself together

Spiritual awakening is an experience only a few are ready to handle, it is so tough it breaks anyone into pieces, the main reason is so they can collect the pieces and put them back in order to manifest their true self in the physical plane. The upgrade of the frequency here on mother Earth is a hard process, no matter how hard you try to get yourself together back, it feels impossible. It feels like you have no wings anymore, like it would be no possible to fly anymore.

You suffer alone in darkness

Anyone who has been through the Dark Night Of Soul, does know what true pain really feels like. A broken angel, usually suffers from deep darkness once they wake up from the illusions the cabal has made us believe. Personally I have been through multiple dark nights, as far as my experiences go I can tell all that happens has a deeper purpose.

Final thoughts

Being an earth angel myself, I have to admit the awakening of the entire humanity is a hard mission and each one of us has to contribute with their own light. You have to be broken so you can heal, it is very simple.

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