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Saturday, October 7, 2017


Christ is not coming

As the materialism takes over the planet, most of the humans is viewing money as the only solution to their problems. Everyone wants money! Money, money, money, money, money! Me too! This kind of mind programming is done so we can stay divided and fall for the illusions through which the elite controls each one of us. 

I know it is getting harder. So hard, most are looking for Christ to come and save them all. But how can Christ save us all?! He was an awake human being on mother Earth who did sacrifice his own life for the evolution of the collective consciousness, so humanity can live through higher frequencies than the ones we are currently experiencing life through. Nobody can save us! Only you can save yourself!

Or do you guys want to crucify him for the second time?! But I am telling you, he is not coming on Earth again, I am very sure about this due to the higher consciousness which I have downloaded from the Universe after the experience of spiritual awakening.

Have you ever thought of looking for the Christ inside yourself? If not, then start to look for him, I am very sure you will find him within you. He is within each one of us. Instead of you guys waiting for Christ to come and save you, look for him within you. 

This is the only way to truly find him, to truly meet him. And this has nothing to do with religion, developing Christ consciousness is for your own good. Christ did fulfill his mission here on mother Earth, now it is your time to realize your true essence, unconditional love.

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