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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Christ crucifixion can be viewed with this tool of Vatican

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As the world goes through the awakening, many secrets are coming out for the masses to learn about them. One good conspiracy going around on the Internet, which has generated a lot of heat on different blogs and websites, is the existence of Chronovisor, a device that can be used to view events of the past and the future. 

According to conspiracy theorists, the tool is owned by the state of Vatican. In one of his books published in 2002, paranormal author Francois Brune, alleges that Chronovisor was built in 1950s by Italian scientist and priest, Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti.

It is being said that Father Ernetti, the main developer of the tool, has seen many events of the past with the help of Chronovisor, the most notable being the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Although a conspiracy, I do believe such stuff is possible as everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency.

The time machine built by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, depends on a cathode ray tube to display images on the screen; there is also a set of levels and buttons which can be used to select specific events that have taken place in the past.

There is so little we do know dear awake souls, but time will prove if the time machine has been built or not. Please let me know your opinion about the Chronovisor in the comments section.

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