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Sunday, October 8, 2017


A speaker of truth has only one friend, the truth

And here I am, alone again. After so many battles to protect the truth, I am still alive. Although it hurts to be that fish against the flow as the opposite energy is way bigger, believing illusions is something which my soul can not accept, no matter what! Only when I do protect what I think is the truth, I do exist.

Sometimes it gets really hard. Most of the humanity is living the kind of illusions which are directly responsible for the low frequency in which mother Earth is currently vibrating on. And when one is truly awake to the truth, illusions do not exist anymore in their world. Such important realization, is the main reason why a protector of the truth works to expose the darkness at every cost, as they do realize the importance of light.

When one follows and protects the truth, it usually happens that the masses do avoid them as most of the people see the world through the illusions being projected into them by the matrix for so many centuries. Most of the time, a truth seeker suffers, not because they're loners, but because they want the truth to rule. They want everyone to see with their own eyes, to realize their true essence!

Regardless of the pain experienced as a truth protector, one does not quit their mission of seeking the truth as it is the main part of their journey. They're addicted to the freedom which the truth gives them, they want this freedom for everyone on this planet.

And when it feels like the whole world is against you, keep in mind that you are not alone. The biggest power is with you as your friend in your journey, the truth.

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