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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Young girl wants to look like a barbie cartoon

Although many of us are spiritually awake, the rest of the world is living based on the illusions matrix has projected into humanity for so many centuries. It is so weird to see what some souls who have decided to experience human life here on mother Earth are doing to their bodies so they can match the perfect images media did brainwash them with as kids.

A perfect example of the materialization of images being fabricated by the matrix is Pixee Fox, a 27 year old women who has spent close to half million pounds to look like Barbie, a cartoon character loved by little girls.

  Pixee Fox during plastic surgery

She has been under the knife so many times to get more than 200 procedures done on her own body. Having six ribs removed, her belly looks so tiny it makes one think what crazy person can do such thing to their self. I am a lightworker, the purpose of the article is not to judge her, but it seems that she is a production of the illusions mind programmers have fed to her through the television.

Pixee's belly after getting her ribs removed 

Pixee can experiment in any kind of way she wants with her own physical shell, but I am really sure she sees manifesting her ideal self by materializing in her own flesh and blood the body structure of the dolls she used to play with as a little kid.

Do you remember the following doll?

When asked during an interview what made Pixee transform her own body to look like a real doll, she answered that she used to live in a world full of fantasies created in her head. Feel free to watch her full interview by checking the video being shared below.

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