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Monday, September 18, 2017


This man slept next to his dead wife for six days, he believes in reincarnation

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The world is full of weird stories, at the same time fascinating. As our planet goes through a major frequency upgrade, many souls who have been in deep sleep are entering the spiritual awakening, an experience which helps in the realization of the true essence. Such realization changes the entire perception on the outer world as the one who goes through it setups connection to their true self.

When one understands they're souls having a human being experience here on Earth, their relationship with death changes in a tremendous way. Being fully awake myself, death is a normal process to me, the separation of the soul from the body.

I am not the only one who has such understanding on the physical death. There are many others out there who believe in reincarnation, Russell Davison is one of them. Following ancient spiritual traditions, he spent six days next to his dead wife, making it easier for her spirit to transcend as there are times when the soul gets truly confused.

When his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, they both decided to pick their own spiritual belief system.

"We developed our own spiritual belief system based on picking the best bets that we thought from Buddhism, Paganism, North American Indian tradition and we kinda made our own belief system which was based on the belief of reincarnation, so we wanted to believe that we have been together before, and we'll be together again.", says Russell during an interview for This Morning.

According to Russell, his wife Wendy was not afraid of dying from the start. Such thing makes me believe her soul was preparing to enter spiritual awakening, the experience which is helping mother Earth move to very high frequencies such as unconditional love. As far as my understanding goes, Russell and Wendy have chosen their experience with cancer before coming in their physical flesh in order to understand the true essence of the soul, it was a lesson which they had to learn through the struggle both went through.

The following is an interview of Russell where he gives details about the experience he did have with his wife.

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