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Thursday, September 14, 2017

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They are sending weapons in space to guard the Prison Planet

Super powers that have access to the latest military hardware the world has ever seen, are probably preparing to weaponize the space. While most of the countries are struggling with their finances, secret programs with the main purpose of sending weapons of mass destruction to our space are being developed by the United States Of America government.

Although lightworkers are working really hard with their own light to expose the darkness which still runs our mother Earth, there is so many souls powered by their evil intention of keeping us in the prison planet currently working by developing their secret projects which the masses have not even the smallest idea such stuff is happening.

According to Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, US have launched a space vehicle that is able to repair, deploy, and even attack satellites within a few minutes after they have been identified. Known as X-37, the US military weapon is one of the first space bombers being sent to space with the main purpose of creating an arms race in there. Although its true mission is being kept a secret by the official authorities, different Chinese media sources have written about the project, describing the shuttle as a space bomber.

x-37 flying in space,

The creation of a military environment with weapons of mass destruction on space, is a threat to global security, a source for anxiety attacks to each one of us who want to live their lives in light here on mother Earth.

The weaponisation of space is something which those in real power are looking forward to accomplish as many theorists believe that who controls the space, for sure has it easier to keep mother Earth under total surveillance. Despite the fact that such thing is not being confirmed by any of the countries that have the potential to launch military projects on space, as an awake soul who is aware of the human ego I do believe there are many secret projects out there with the main intention of sending weapons in space.

And it is so scary!

Fear implementation on souls experiencing life as human beings on planet Earth is still going on, not only it is not stopping but its amount is being increased. Evil projects such as the militarization of space drive lightworkers crazy, no matter how much light one vibrates from their own source of energy if we don't join forces with each other darkness is going to win.

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