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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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These twinflame couples made it to physical union, first part

Many on the twinflame journey are being really scared about the physical union with their true twin, is it going to happen or not? Such feelings come from the fear vibration, a frequency which has been controlling the entire humanity for many centuries. Twinflames are in here to setup an example for the souls who are in deep sleep, to create the conscious templates with the main vibration that of unconditional love.

While most on the twinflame mission are struggling in the runner/chaser phase, there is a few who have managed to unite in the physical. Inspired by their tremendous spiritual growth, I decided to share them and their work on this article with the main purpose of motivating other twins and giving them hope during the dark times.


goldraytwinflames is a twinflame couple from Canada in physical union sharing their journey through videos on Youtube. Their sacred knowledge on the mission of the twinsoul is not only useful in moving forward to the union with the true self, but also healing.

They upload videos regularly on different topics about the twinflame journey, explaining everything based on what they have experienced. The lessons shared by this twin couple enlightened me on the true purpose of the twinflames incarnation on planet Earth.

You can follow them on their channel where they share spiritual wisdom for free.

Maya and Zyaire

Way younger than goldraytwinflames when compared by the physical shell, Maya and Zyaire are a happy twinflame couple sharing their personal growth on the popular video sharing platform, Youtube. The beautiful smile which they have is a reflection of the inner happiness both of them are experiencing on mother Earth, the kind of happiness which heals all the beings around.

The topics which they discuss on their channel are very helpful to those who are in the beginning of the spiritual journey. Feel free to visit their online platform to download the sacred knowledge and healing energy without paying a cent.

Dr Amanda Noelle and Jack Rousseau

Although there is an age gape between Amanda and her twinflame, such illusion has not stopped both of them from reaching the physical union. Cool weirdos Amanda and Jack upload videos regulary on their Youtube channel where they do discuss spiritual topics.

A helpful video for those on the twinflame journey which I really do like from this amazing couple is that of the age gape between the twins. In the video both of them share their own personal insights about the differences of the physical shell.

According to both of them age is only a number, it is the experiences of the soul which define the real one, not the physical shell. And by the way, sex is great they say.

Jeff and Shaleia

They met online. Being in a long distance relationship for about four months, Jeff and Shaleia decided to meet. According to the female of this couple, in the beginning it was certain expectations trying to trigger her, but she knew he was the one for her.

'You don't know until the moment that you meet, like you can be online, you can talk to each other, you share your most intimate feelings, your deepest dreams. But not until you actually be present with each other in the moment, that you recognize a whole lot of other things.', says Jeff in one of their videos.

I am experiencing similar stuff myself so it is great to have a couple like this sharing their own spiritual wisdom on the Internet for free. Anyone who is on the spiritual journey is going to find their consciousness really useful for their inner growth.

Twin Flame Diary

Their meeting is really weird. Both of them used to work for the same guy, selling tshirts or something in a small business. One day the owner tells Pam he needs her to meet someone, that person happened to be her true twinflame. Universe is really perfect on the kind of magical scenes it sets up for the souls here on mother Earth, this twinflame couple is one of the many proofs.

Both of them do spiritual work on their Youtube channel where they share sacred knowledge coming from their own experiences so far in the Earth plane.

Final thoughts

Everyone of us knows physical union of the twinflames is really hard on mother Earth due to the outdated templates which are still in power. It is our mission as twinflames to update the frequency of the humanity to a higher one through unconditional love. The purpose of this article series is to motivate the ones on twinflame journey to continue their mission without falling prey of the fear vibration, one day the union will manifest for sure.

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