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Monday, September 18, 2017

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There are other ways

Because of the fear being projected by the matrix for so many centuries, human tend to see life in only one way which is considered as the one which brings guaranteed success. When one fails this way, they face the psychological pressure of the society that comes from the outdated templates. Having experienced it all myself after failure in college, I can tell that life is about experiencing stuff yourself as only in this way you can truly understand. Living by the codes of others means to experience an illusion as you see the world from their eyes, not yours.

Although the pain felt is huge when one goes through the struggle which comes with rock bottom, lessons downloaded make it worth all the bad experiences. And I write all the words from the true essence of my soul, but you have to go through the similar experiences with your own physical shell so you can feel them for real.

No matter what you have been through or still going through, there is always a way to get out. Maybe the light offered by the system is not enough to walk your true journey, but keep in mind that is when it gets dark for real that you find it. Many are going to abandon you once you touch rock bottom, they're scared to be with you as the ego projection which run their life tells them to do so. Forgive them, it is the darkness in which they are being prisoners that does not allow them to see and separate the fake from the truth.

The journey is yours, it is about you, not about them. Not about anyone out there! What you see is what is real to you, stuff they say is real to them, not to you!

And trust me! I have been so far all by myself. There was no time I doubted following my true self, the true essence of my soul... And there is still darkness which I am facing, but this time I am all the time seeking connection to my higher guides so they can help me in my own path.

All the secure ways which I was being told to follow were proven to be fake ones, projections of other into my own ego. Spiritual awakening has been an experience full of lessons, lessons which I am using for the growth and development of myself.

It is when you realize the true essence of your soul that you discover your true journey. There are other ways, choose the one which is yours!

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