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Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Tattoo ideas for spiritual people, first part

People like to get tattoos on their body so they can express the true essence of their soul in the physical plane. Personally I have two tattoos, each one of them is the representation of a deep part of my spirit. Being on the spiritual journey for more than four years now, I decided to share a few tattoo ideas for awake people so they can get advice from a lightoworker and then decide for themselves.

Although almost all religions have a spiritual root with the main purpose of uniting all the souls in one body, as much as they help in our union at the same time they do divide us. The above tattoo is really a deep one, it reflects an update of the Earth to higher frequencies. As the spiritual awakening touches more souls here on mother Earth, people put religion differences away.

The way which most of the people view the world is a projection of the ego due to mind programming done by the matrix for many centuries. Not many are awake to realize the illusions in which they live through everyday, as the evil elite keeps bombarding the entire humanity with all kinds of low frequencies. Once one goes through the spiritual awakening experience, they do connect to the true essence of the soul. Such connection helps them to separate the illusions from the reality with their own eyes.

When staring at the tattoo which is being shown above one gets lost into it because of the universal order which it represents. This tattoo is what in Hinduism or Buddhism is known as a mandala, a generic term for any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. Lately tattoos like this are getting popular due to the spiritual awakening our entire planet is entering through.

I do love this tattoo. Now only that I express it via words, but If I had the amount of money needed to get it on my blood, I would do it tomorrow. Unfortunately I have touched rock bottom. Anyway, enough about me.

Based on the Chinese philosophy, the above drawing represents yin and yang, two forces which on the outside are the opposite of each other, but deep down they complement each other. The human life is being experienced through duality; love and hate, light and darkness.

Without experiencing one you can not understand the importance of the other. What you should seek in this life is balance.

This tattoo is perfect for those who feel a deep connection with the king of the jungle, or those who are brave and determined. Although I identify myself more with the Panda, I don't remove the lion from the possibilities of getting it tattooed on my body because of the authority it represents.

The flowers which surround the head of the lion being shown above give it a more spiritual outlook and symbolism. A lion of peace I would say.

Perfect for best friends, especially soul sisters. Two beautiful mandalas and the moon with a star in it, representing the spiritual knowledge of our ancestors. A soul family may find the tattoos really interesting to ink them in their own body.

Simple, but powerful!

Since little kids we have been programmed to explore the outer world, without knowing ourselves first. Such way of being raised is totally wrong as we are blind to the magic which lives within us, to the beautiful soul that rides our physical shell. Unfortunately our parents did not teach us to love ourselves without conditions first as they have not reached the needed spiritual growth for such thing, but spiritual awakening did open our eyes.

Look for the beauty within you as there you will find the true one. Let the ego die as it is not the true you, just a projection of the matrix.

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean. You are not just an ocean in the Universe, you are the entire Universe.

Final thoughts

When getting a tattoo on your body make sure the idea comes from the depth of your own soul as there are many who like to get one just to follow the latest trends. The truth is that everything is in movement, what is popular today may look foolish in the next years, and to make it more concrete history has proven so.

Ask your soul, shut down the ego and listen to it. I am really happy for connecting with you guys through this article. I do hope you did like and enjoy the list of tattoos compiled for this first part.

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