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Friday, September 8, 2017

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Spiritually awake women surviving the russian wilderness for 70 years

While many are focused on the Money due to the pressure which the matrix pushes on them, world presents us with the kind of stories that can touch one's soul really deep. Such real tale is that of Agafia, an old christian lady who has lived her entire life close to the nature, feeding herself with fresh fish, potatoes, and organic milk from the goats she still owns.

Agafia and her cat in the  Siberia's taiga

Agafia's house

Although her reality is far away from the modern world in which we currently live, just by using very primitive tools when compared to ours, she has managed to be self sufficient in a virgin place even scientists fear to go for doing research. 

Agafia showing her potatoes to the journalist 

While most may find Agafia's way of living the life as really ancient, for sure all of them who do so would love to have healthy food which is being directly produced by mother Nature on their table. As an old soul who has been in here for so many incarnations, I do feel true connection to the lifestyle of this brave women as she has managed to quit the matrix which runs our lives based on low frequencies. Having experienced deep relationship with nature myself during my childhood, her photos remind me the true essence of my soul.

Speaking from my own side, waking up in the morning and drinking toxic milk is one of worst things you can do to yourself. Disconnected from the prison planet in which humanity is experiencing life right now, Agafia milks her own goats.

The following is a photo of her milking the goats.

The above picture reminds me of my grandmother. She used to live in a village where I used to spend the summer times. Now that I look back on the past, I do truly understand that our ancestors have been in higher frequencies due to their close connection with mother Nature.

Unfortunately as modern people that we consider ourselves, we do eat the kind of stuff which is being produced by the toxic food system without even worrying about it anymore, it became normal to consume biologically modified products.

For Agafia life is really tough, but it is worth it. What she believes in has turned out to be the main motivation in continuing forward in accomplishing her mission, and that is the spirit of Christ. The suffering in which she has been through while trying to survive the wilderness for 70 years, has turned to her strength.

Someone like me would not even survive a winter in the conditions which Agafia has been through her entire life.

Winter in Agafia's place

As I feel sorry for such orphan soul, at the same time I feel truly happy for her. You know why? Because she has no idea of the entire bullshit each one of us has to deal with in our daily lives, the bills we have to pay to our corrupted governments, the taxes, the polluted air which we breath and poison our lungs with or the stress that is speeding up our aging.

She is a free soul, living in the wilderness without being bothered by anyone, except for the journalists or scientists who are interested in the zone for their own purposes.

Agafia with the journalists

The old physical shell, has not stopped her soul to perform the daily activities which are needed to be carried by her own side so she can stay alive in the scaring wilderness. Different from us technology addicted people who have everything needed to survive in our homes, she goes out and cuts wood for the winter, finds food for the goats, fishes and even reads the bible.

  Agafia cutting wood

Agafia taking care of her potatoes 

Agafia taking care of her goats

Isolated from the advanced world, the hermit has decided to spend a healthy life in taiga rather than civilization. Although she has no access Internet, such thing has not stopped her from reading books daily. According to Agafia, she loves working and reading.

 Agafia reading the Bible

Such conscious way of living the life here on the Earth plane, is one desired by almost everyone who is on the awake side. While spiritually awake people still struggle with their life in the industrial cities, Agafia is already experiencing direct connection with everything, with the entire Universe.

Directly connected with the Source, she does not accept any package with the barcode in it which the outsiders bring for her as she is an Old Believer, according to Agata the products put out there by the industry make her sick. Having been in a city only five times her entire life, she almost died once from the high temperature, more than 100 degress due to the fever she got from the water.

For those of you who don't know, Old Believers could not accept the radical reforms made by the Russia's Orthodox Church in the mid-17th century, so they fled to some of the most lost corners of the world to avoid religious persecution and guarantee the freedom of practicing their religion.

Owning a 400 years old book, Agafia says she reads sacred knowledge in there. Based on the old scriptures wealth should be shared with others who are in need, that's how God wants his people to live in mother Earth. As all of us know, the modern world is the opposite of what Christ gave up his life for, is it really dark in here.

Although her world may seem like an utopia to many, it is not to me. Being completely awake myself, I do totally resonate with her lifestyle. Dressing the same as the ancient slavs, Agafia is a kindred soul which inspires everyone in this world to do good as it is when you help another one you do help yourself.

Being left alone after the death of the only person in her life, her father, she is asking for someone to come and live with her, an Old Believer she says.

Agafia at the grave of her father

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