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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Russian teens set themselves on fire to get more likes on social media

The addiction to social media is pressuring a lot of people to take a certain decisions which are not normal. Many have their own way of getting attention of their followers, but a group of russian teenagers have gone too far by setting each other on fire and then jumping on a river nearby.

Russian teen jumping on river after being set on fire

Although russians are well known for their wild attitude, risking your own life for a bunch of likes is really a foolish thing to do. Being a lightworker myself, I do understand why people, mostly teens, take certain actions so they can feel accepted. Having accepted myself without conditions, I feel connected to the adventurous soul, but I don't support the russian teens for putting their life on danger just to attract attention on their social media profiles.

Lately the media is investing a lot of energy in the fabrication of famous people with the main purpose of using them as its tools for brainwashing the masses. Nowadays you have to have a lot of followers on Instagram or Facebook to feel worthy of yourself. By falling prey of such illusions, human beings who are still in deep sleep, develop all kind of ways to draw attention to themselves.

The teenagers from Russia being discussed in this blog post, prove humanity is dealing with a lot of darkness which comes from the main fact that we have not accepted ourselves for what we truly are yet.

The following is a video which they shot and posted over the Internet. Feel free to watch it and make sure to leave your opinion on this topic on the comments section.

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