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Monday, September 18, 2017


People character based on month they're born in

Although character is the result of the environment in which someone spends their own life, there is also a connection to the zodiac sign which is responsible for the inner self. Once one wakes up during the spiritual awakening, they start to truly feel a deep realization of their true essence. Such realization helps one reveal their true self in the third dimension without the fear of being judged by the masses who are still in deep sleep.

Inspired by some artwork which I found on one online awake community, I thought to share it with you guys who are on the awake side as I am sure it resonates with your energies.

The following graphics describe a part of  someone's character based on the month in which they are born, it may not be necessarily true for everyone of you out there.


The artwork shared through this article belongs to HotPepper media.

Find your character based on month in which you are born. Let us know in the comments.

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