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Saturday, September 9, 2017


Memes for 5d people, first part

As the frequency of the planet updates to a higher one, so does our understanding. At this point in time relationships are developing faster than ever due to the exchange of the energy in a higher frequency when compared to the previous one. Although most are still operating directly from the low vibrations of the third dimension, there is a few who have achieved direct connection with the Source.

Because of such connection, this group of people has the ability to download extremely huge amount of consciousness which can be used to upgrade humanity where it deserves to be. Being part of such group myself, I decided to compile a list of spiritual memes through which us on the awake side can entertain ourselves during the spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that the artwork shared in this post is not my property, only the commentary is mine. If you feel like I should give anyone of you guys credit for the memes, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

When one ascends as their true self here on mother Earth, there is a lot of processes going on which require a lot of energy to take place in the third dimension.The consuming of the energy for the frequency to get raised is so much that one needs to rest all the time.

Long story short you resonate with the coala, who eats, shits and sleeps all day. Keep in mind that everything is temporary.

During the upgrade of the frequency to the love one, there is times where those who are on the awake side get detached completely from the third dimension because their new vibration does not resonate anymore with the outdated patterns. There is nothing on Earth that makes sense, so you try to setup contact with higher realms, but nothing in there too.

It is a feeling of being stuck between two worlds, the one which is in very low frequency with outdated templates and the 5d reality.

Due to the programming with low frequencies humanity has experienced for many centuries, most have developed toxic patterns which do not resonate with the higher vibrations. Such way of living is pure psychological pressure on each other. Although in the beginning it feels like the pressure comes from the outer world, the real source is in us as it is the outdated templates which we have inherited from our ancestors that decode the old limiting beliefs.

The only one limiting you from your dreams is the outdated reality, to be more correct it is you because without you the toxic can not be felt at all.

When one enters the spiritual awakening, the upgrade of frequency which happens to them shifts their entire reality to a more conscious one. Because of this, people who are still operating the third dimension based on low vibrations inherited from the past, tend to view ones on the awake side as weird, sometimes even crazy. Such thing happens due to the fact that those going through spiritual awakening may be physically in here, but they have achieved direct connection with the Source. It is this connection which helps them to vibrate higher, not being able to match the toxic patterns, normal for people who are in deep sleep.

It is the different realities in which we live in that make us appear crazy in the eyes of the masses, we are not crazy, just experiencing tremendous spiritual growth.

The world in which we currently live right now is in deep sleep due to the programming matrix has been doing to humanity for many centuries. A well known proof is that of selfies, people are addicted to them. There is nothing wrong with posting them on the Internet. What  I am saying is that there is infinite selfies and no knowledge of self at all.

We got lost in selfies. 

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