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Monday, September 4, 2017

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How to find your twinflame, first part

Many who are going through spiritual awakening have been introduced to the twinflame concept, a topic which lately is fascinating a lot of souls who have chosen to incarnate on mother Earth. Although it seems like magic to one who is still in deep sleep, twinflames are real. They come on this planet with an important mission for the entire humanity, that of helping mother Earth to shift to high frequencies.

Personally my awakening started after the encounter of a false twinflame, a karmic soul which is in here to prepare you for the real one.

Based on the spiritual growth which I have achieved so far by walking my own path, I decided to help other souls with a few tips which can help in attracting their true twinflame.

Keep in mind this is a journey, not a race

Most of the people are being controlled by the low frequencies through the outdated templates, they view life here on mother Earth as a race which they should win. Such way of experiencing life is a dysfunctional one as it is a result of the ego, not the true essence of the soul. Lately materialism is enslaving so many people everyone is falling prey of the hate vibration. There is more to life than accumulation of stuff, one should try to find their true self and materialize it in the physical, not live projections of the matrix like a zombie.

Telling from my personal experience,  one should take life easy and live through the high frequencies such as unconditional love regardless of the fear which has been implemented to us for many centuries.

Life is a journey through which we learn lessons to experience spiritual growth, not a race.

Stay true to yourself 

Because of the implementation of fear which goes on everyday, human beings wear masks so they can navigate the third dimension and feel accepted by others. Nowadays if you don't match a specific image which is being fabricated by the matrix through the media, probably nobody accepts you on their own circle no matter what kind of person you are on the inside.

The psychological pressure which has been going on for so many centuries forces people to lie to themselves only so they can fit the templates of the matrix. According the the law of attraction, when one vibrates the fake self they automatically attract fake people in their own life.

As far as my twinflame journey allows me to see, the twinflame is you and you are the twinflame. So in order to meet them you have to be true to yourself.

Only by being authentic you can attract your twinflame. Stay true to yourself, no matter what.

Learn to spend time alone

Spending time alone helps to reflect back on your own life and separate the reality from the illusions which the matrix has created. As an introvert I do enjoy solitude, it helps me to recharge and connect deeply to my true self. Such connection is really important for the true journey as it is when you are connected to your true self that you can setup telepathic connection with your own twinflame.

Although the masses considers the ones who love being alone with themselves as weirdos, feel free to follow your own feelings. It is your life, not theirs.

Spending time alone is a great way to connect with the true self which is hiding in there because of the fear ego uses to pressure it.

Accept you can spend the rest of your life alone

As I mentioned in another article regarding the twinflame topic, most of the people develop romantic relationship as they fear to walk their true journey. The meet of the twinflame is about realizing the true essence of the soul, the discover of the true journey as they do mirror your real self. Although many who are in the deep sleep view it as the perfect romance they have seen in the movies, the main mission of the twinflame relationship is the update of Earth to a higher frequency.

To look for your own twinflame means to look for your true self. In others words you should look for the twinflame within you as there is no real separation between you two.

When one decides to walk their own true journey they face the possibility of dying alone.

Learn to love yourself without conditions

Twinflames are on their last incarnation here on mother Earth with the main mission of teaching each other unconditional love, a frequency which is the root of the conscious templates that humanity is going to live through in the near future.

One can not attract their twinflame if they are not close to unconditional love. Not that such thing can not happen when one is living in low frequencies as I do believe even twinflames have karma with each other due to the experiences they have been through together in previous incarnations, but usually the twinsoul has to be awake.

A simple trace back on your childhood proves your parents did not teach you how to love yourself without conditions, unless you are born from awake parents. Before loving another one, you have to love yourself first.

Unconditional love is the key in attracting your true twinflame.

Connect to your higher self

Your higher self knows the mission of the soul here on mother Earth, a direct connection with it can ease the things in so many ways. During the spiritual awakening, the higher self acts as a guide in guiding one on their true journey.

The truth is that one can not setup connection with their higher self without connecting to themselves first, ego has to die in order to be able to listen to the higher guide. Thanks to the spiritual awakening, many are realizing the true essence of their soul, such realization is so important in developing the intuition which comes from the higher self.

When that inner voice tries to speak to you, listen to it. It is your higher self trying to talk to you.

Believe you can attract your twinflame

Believing in yourself you can match the reality you truly want is the key in attracting your twinflame in your own life. Most of the people who are on the spiritual journey try so hard to create the required frequency for meeting their twin, but deep down they don't believe such stuff to be true.

One has to let themselves go with the flow, no matter what. Universe brings whatever you desire, but you have to radiate the right vibration in order to communicate with it properly.

If you don't believe it yourself, how do you think it is going to happen?

Surrender to the true journey

A complete surrender to the true journey helps to grow fast spiritually, such growth is needed for meeting the true twinflame. The twinflame mission is one of the hardest, only a few can handle it in this lifetime.

First you have to find your true path and surrender to it. The twinflame is on the same path, just in different forms. In case you don't know, the purpose of the twinflame mission is to help you find your true journey. The faster you surrender to it yourself, the higher is the chance for you to attract your own tiwnflame.

Surrender to the true journey and walk it step by step, Universe will bring the gift.

Understand it is not about romance

Most of the people do mistake the twinflame relationship for a romantic one when the truth is that such relationship is a sacred mission with the purpose of updating mother Earth to higher frequencies, so the upcoming generations can live in conscious templates.

If one on the spiritual journey can understand the true purpose of being a twinflame, they're are ready to attract and meet their own twin. A twinflame relationship is the one which mirrors all the kind of dysfunctions that come from the outdated templates, so others can realize and fix them.

If you are looking for a romantic relationship then you probably need a soulmate, not a twinflame.

Final thoughts

Spiritual awakening is helping many souls to wake to the true essence of their soul. Such wake up is transforming their entire life, it is a pass from the fake living to the true one. When one starts to materialize their true essence of the soul in the third dimension, the way they build relationships changes. So do the romantic ones. I see so many on the journey who are not interested in fake partnerships anymore as they have received the lessons from the karmic connections, now they want someone who can match their true self.

And who better than a twinflame can do that?

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