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Monday, September 25, 2017

Gold digger refuses young man, then changes mind when she sees the lamborghini

Materialism is ruling the entire society nowadays. Suddenly everyone wants to have a huge amount of money so any of their problems could be solved in a second. Morals and virtues have disappeared, not only this, but if you talk about such stuff the masses do label you as crazy.

Not that I want to judge, but most of women nowadays tend to look for a partner with a lot of money as they want to experience the rich dream. And there is nothing wrong with it, until the moment it becomes a profession.

I do love and respect women, but the phenomenon of gold diggers makes me sick. How can a women go with a man just because he can offer her a luxurious life?!

To make stuff more concrete for you guys, I decided to share a real video where a young lady is being asked to go to dinner. In the beginning she sees the guy like she is evaluating him based on what he owns and refuses to go on a date with him.

"What's up cutie?"
"What's going on? Hey I was looking at you and I thought you're really pretty and I wanted to get your number, is that too much to ask for, or... Let's go out to dinner."
"I don't usually go out to dinner with people."
"Oh yeah, who do you go to dinner with, by yourself?!"
"Uau uau..."

Then the guy moves towards the lamborghini and says the following to the women while opening the door of the car.

I don't usually ask twice, but are you sure you don't want to go out to dinner with me?

After such question the situation changes in a tremendous way. The hot girl gets triggered and asks if the lambo is his car.

Is this your car?

So from a direct no, she did change her mind when Vitaly, the guy behind the video, was getting ready to get in the luxurious car. What happens next is really funny and weird at the same time, you guys can find it out by clicking the video being shared below.

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