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Monday, September 4, 2017


Fake people wearing the spiritual badge

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It is not up to me to judge anyone as I have accepted myself without conditions, but the spiritual communities for sure have their own problems. Lately, due to the update of my frequency to a higher one I am noticing a lot of people who wear the spiritual badge mainly because they think it sounds cool to be awake at this time. Such thing is a sign of lower frequencies in action, one who is on a high vibration can easily understand why people who are still prey of the outdated templates do certain thing that do not resonate with their inner self.

I repeat, not that such thing does bother me as I am focused on my own personal development, but it is my mission as a lightworker to expose the darkness which is still in power. As white warriors we do have the kindness which welcomes all kind of souls in our radiation zone, no matter what they have done or been through in the past. It is our own light which dark warriors use as a weakness to exploit us so we must be very careful.

Not everyone who says they are on the spiritual journey is in here as their authentic self, so please study their vibration and direct the situation on the light vibration. Based on my personal experience, I can tell there are many souls who wear the badge of a lightworker just because it gives them the feeling of being accepted in the New Earth. 

There are many others who use our work for their own benefits. For example, some people pretending to be spiritual have posted my own authentic work on their websites without even asking me for such thing. Although some of them have given credits to me I do feel they are exploiting my own spiritual knowledge which comes after so much struggle to add money to their own wallet.

The purpose of this article is not to point fingers at anyone who is using our consciousness to exploit our communities, just an update so our brothers and sisters can open their eyes and see the reality for themselves.

Now let's do a simple analysis why there is people who vibrate on low frequencies trying to steal and use our knowledge for their personal benefits.

It is cool to be spiritual at this time

As the planet is entering a mass spiritual awakening, a big is gap is being created between the ones on the awake side and people who are still living based on the old patterns. There are a few who think that if they wear the spiritual badge, they will seem cool in the eyes of those who are still struggling in karmic situations.

Long story short they do think the spiritual journey is about looking cool. The illusions in which they live give them this kind of feeling so forgive them.

Being spiritual has nothing to do with being cool, it is a way of experiencing life here on mother Earth. Only those who are really going through it can feel my words.

People seek external security

The projection of fear into the masses which has been done for a long time, forces people to seek external security so they can feel accepted in a certain group. Our awake communities are welcoming to everyone no matter the differences projected by the matrix into our ego. Because of this, many who are lost without any light to see their true path, find the perfect place to feel accepted in our energy zone.

As long as people seek security out of themselves, they will wear any kind of badge to feel accepted. The acceptance which does not come from within is a fake one.

It makes them money

Internet has given anyone part of this planet the freedom to sell their services online, creating so the right space for evil souls to exploit the ones who can fall victims. Many who pretend to be on the spiritual journey are selling their so called spiritual services on the net with the main purpose of generating cash, not helping those in need.

Money is good to have, but not by exploiting the work of others or stuff which popular at the time the exploit of the victims happens.

Final thoughts

As I mentioned in the introduction of this article, the purpose of such rant is to help my spiritual brothers and sisters wake up and see the world with their own eyes. Not everyone who comes to you with the spiritual badge is spiritual on the inside. Be careful out there, love and light!

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