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Friday, September 8, 2017

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Does everyone have a twinflame?

Many on the awake side are really curious to know if everyone who has incarnated here on mother Earth has a twinflame or not. While most of them ask such question due to the perfect romantic relationships they are looking for, being on the twinflame journey myself for more than six years now, I can tell the twinflame mission's main purpose is the creation of conscious templates through unconditional love so humans can live the life they truly deserve.

Before answering the important question which everyone needs an answer for, I would like to explain in a few sentences the concept of the twinflame.

Basically a twinflame is an old soul in their last incarnation on the Earth plane, someone who has realized their true essence, unconditional love. Spiritually awake, the twinsoul understands their purpose on mother Earth is to help with their own light in the upgrade of the planet to higher vibrations.

Based on the above explanation which comes from my personal experience, everyone has a twinflame. It does not mean that everyone is going to meet them during the current incarnation, as the twinflame experience requires the kind of spiritual growth only a few possess. Those who have reached love without conditions for their true self, it is for sure they do have a higher probability to attract their beloved one as they have already experienced the true essence of their soul.

The ones who are ready to meet their twinflame make a negligible  percentage in the masses, but their light has the kind of power to bring conscious ways of experiencing life in the third dimension. On the other side, the majority of the people who is going through karmic stuff, has to reincarnate on this planet many times to reach their twinflame mission.

Although the term twinflame gives a magical ascept to those who are experiencing it at the times this article is being written, I want to let you guys know that such magic is inside of all human beings who live on mother Earth. Unconditional love is the frequency which anyone can experience, but it requires spiritual lessons that are taken by experiencing life in a physical shell.

Personally, I did understand I am a twinflame back in 2011, when I did experience a false one. For those of you don't know, there is also a fake twinflame which has a frequency similar to the true one, but when you reach the unconditional love their energy does not resonate with yours anymore.

Keep in mind how special you are, always remember the true essence of the soul. It is up to you to speed up the spiritual growth and that is done by believing in your true self.

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