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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Could it be that the end times are the predictions of the ancients of days, enhanced by the elite?

They the secret fraternity brought you the bible, controlled your banking institutions, manufactured money-currency out of useless paper and worthless metal (to believe in and ‘worship and trust’), and ever so clever have they have listed events that will come to pass as predations in scriptures making you believe it is all “gods” word contained in the sacred words of “god”.  Be aware kindred spirits, of those that wish to have you see only the BLACK and WHITE options of a wrathful and Oppressive God that you must serve that needs a sacrifice or go to Hell, not Heaven. When the Atlanteans travelled there on their Ships and on the apparent moon you know so perfectly, placed for terra forming in a precise orbit after a great war and battle in your solar system to stabilize the world which had taken the majority of water from the planet Mars, they built a great civilization upon this world.  

They set up grids of pyramidal structures along the lay lines of the Earth. They installed and grew massive crystals beneath the Earth in precise areas to act as stabilizers and repeaters to work with the cosmic energies of the zero point energy fields, and to induce holographical amplification of the planet in the terra forming of this planet with water and a manageable balance, though turbulent.  Using their technologies from their craft you term the moon they build their civilizations at the now South pole, which is under 2 miles of ice your governments are melting and exploring.  

Currently the Elite are harvesting 2 million-year-old technology, now with the current technology, to interpret and reverse engineer.  This is why this area has been guarded off to anyone unless given permission and is a no-fly zone to the opening of the worlds beneath. Meanwhile, you have two functioning plays upon your world.  You see, the Elite have a secret corporation that is beyond what you now know.  You are getting small technologies that are preparing you for their agenda to entrap your species into Artificial Intelligence.

Hence the chips on your forms of credit cards.  Your large bills even have RF chips. Know your ‘addictive’ phones are syncing your minds to light pulses and EMF, to mesmerize your minds into submission and you don’t even know it!  You have GPS trackers on your phone and are being conditioned to not trust your own intuition and to find direction.  Your skies are being seeded with chips and nanoprobes of very sophisticated microchips that will lodge in your bodies.  In addition, large microwave towers are running at very low levels broadcasting frequencies that have identification tags on each one of you.  This is no different than the security tags that inform you when you are passing through a register and have not cleared the codes that set off an alarm.

Know then, there are massive computers that are in 4 places in the world located in Colorado, Utah, Washington DC and California.These "beasts" are tracking your every move such as spending, interests, internet searches and also your phone (which is monitoring you).  Of course, all is based on credits in their currency by large banking institutions.  You now have bots and algorithms to predict your every move.  As they begin to learn, they are feeding one large computer that is being linked to alien technology and is monitored. 

Dear souls, there is nothing new under the sun.  This has happened before. What they cannot do yet is to create souls such as yours and they want you to participate in their herding.  You are in the study of inter dimensional beings and your governments of the other orders hidden that are running the show.  This is the 4th Reich that has been agreed upon by the German Barons and Aristocrats that control this Earth on the supervision of the drones that must answer to them. It has been decided that enough of your species are in the herd and they will now start to eliminate you.  

They control your health care and are working on ways to subversively learn just enough genetic pool for their DNA engineering. They inject RNA triggered limiters that can in a dusting arousal and to the dormant crystal structures, and bring to life viruses that will bring plagues upon your planet in a controlled fashion.  Now understand that Roman soldiers in 332 BC with their leader ‘Alexander the Great’ conquered Egypt, taking all the books, world history and translation off to Rome. They burned the great learning centres of the world, for people were evolving and too intelligent and wise.  However, they noticed such an abundance of Religions that people paid for hope as an alternative to self-taught wisdom.

The "Gods" of the sky lived in floating cities with very high technologies and gave the people mathematics, philosophy, art, and law.  And some even became the Pharaohs and marked by large cone heads.  These were the pre-Adamic races that were the Atlanteans.  Incarnating evolving souls just above animals were then sent from Prime Source to inhibit these bodies that were upon this planet with some modifications and genetic tweaking from the Atlanteans.  

Your solar system previous had a very large planet that is in the Kepler Belt. This crashed with another planet from Nibiru creating a massive collection of material that is now visiting the planets knocked out of orbit when your binary sun returns about every 3,600 years in its orbit.  This has been happening for the last 2 million years with repercussions.  Why do you think there are so many caves and dug outs across your world?  One was discovered in Turkey in 1963 and revealed hidden rooms and air shafts, a work that in today's world would be quite an undertaking.There are 18 so far discovered, 6 of which are in Peru and Ecuador. Inside the Grand Canyon are sacred caves that offered protection for these events, with Egyptian Hieroglyphics protected by the Hopi Indians.
Your world governments are building secret underground bases, tunnels and stocking them with food and supplies at a cost of 2 billion each.  There are grids of subways that connect across the United States with the main landing field in Colorado at the New World Order Airport. Deep underground are complete offices and the Elite and those of the clan including scientists and military engineered super humans are already stationed there (and yes, the dreams of Adolf Hitler at its finest).   

And last but not least, you are all going to witness changes that will frighten you to read the Bible (Old Testament and the New Testament) and the Quran for hopes of safety. One major Caveat is these books were written based on the knowledge of the movements of the stars and events that occur (so it is Prophecy and accurate based on "Gods" word).  Know the perturbances of this other system were marked by ISON and other comets. The Eclipse across America is the great seal that has opened making the environmental changes that are to occur, and this is welcomed by the Elite. 

When a hurricane is to occur they are amplifying the destruction with a craft that explodes Silver Iodine and Aluminium Oxide along with the bending of the stratosphere and Ionosphere to control the weather. This is done to start the process of elimination of your species, and of course to fuel your fear. In a short time, the world economy will collapse and there will be massive riots and fear. This will be just before a rain of meteorites hit the planet and a pole shift. The solution next is disease and starvation, all controlled mind you. Know they will say it is the "The wrath of God" End Times etc. And this will be the last major deception, for they will project holographic 3D vision of their saviours to deceive you and to trust. At this time, many of the other local planetary monitors will step in.  

And they will say WE are invaders. 

There is more to share, but this is enough to ponder for now.

This article is written by Denise Price and is shared on with her permission.

© 2017 Copyright by 
All Rights Reserved. 


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