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Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Complete signs you will unite with your twinflame, first part

Twinflames are given birth from the same soul so in the fifth dimension they are already united with each other. Their mission here on mother Earth is to unite with themselves first so the physical union can happen for the purpose of creating the conscious templates. Lately I do see many twinsouls struggling in tears because of the love they have for their beloved one, so I decided to compile a list of signs which prove you are going to be with your twin in the third dimension.

You are focused on your personal development

Although the connection to your twin is so strong it leaves one really crazy, lately you are being focused on the development of the inner self. Such important realization for the physical union with the true twinflame helps one to move to higher frequencies as the work to clean the outdated patterns is done from within. As a soul who has achieved a high level of awakening, you have realized the desired reality can be matched only by creating the right inner energies for it.

You see no separation from your twin

The illusions which the matrix has been projecting to humanity for so many centuries create the idea of separation among the human beings. Outdated templates which rule most of the people through low frequencies can no longer control you as you have connected to your true self. Such connection helps you realize you are your twinflame, there is no such thing as separation.

Masses tend to shut down your twin connection with their energy as they can not understand such thing, their experiences do not allow them to see anything else which can not be interpreted by the illusions of the mind programming. Due to the fact they're blinded, one who is on the awake side understands and forgives them.

Once you connect to your true self, you connect to your twin.

You love yourself without conditions

The true purpose of meeting the twinflame here on the physical plane is to remind us the true essence of our soul, unconditional love. Love of self without any condition is a true sign which proves the spiritual maturity one has reached here on mother Earth.

Without realizing the inner worth there is no way you can attract your twinflame in the Earth plane as you have to meet your true self first in order to update to the true frequency of the twinsoul.

You want a conscious family

As a twinflame you have probably incarnated in a karmic family so you can learn the right lessons needed to create a conscious one. Everything is being planed by the soul before entering the physical plane, Universe does not make mistakes.

While most develop relationships just for the purpose of fitting in the outdated templates, your soul knows forced relationships by the matrix are nothing, but karmic ones.

A conscious family is what you truly want, and you already know you have to unite with your twinflame in order to create it.

You let your twinflame grow spiritually

While most are going through the chaser/runner phase, as a soul who has reached a lot of maturity you do understand your twinflame needs time alone to figure things out on their own. Deeply connected to your true self, the consciousness which you download from the Source guides you safely in your physical union with your beloved one.

It is the realization of the true essence of the soul which helps you in understanding your twin needs their time to get the lessons that will move the union forward.

You don't fear spending the rest of the life alone

The majority of the people develop romantic relationships as they fear walking their journey on their own, the external security which they seek in others drives them in many fake paths. As a mature twinflame, you are being prepared to walk your own path without fearing any kind of illusion projected by the ego.

Alone or with your own twinflame, you want to walk the path which materializes the true essence of your soul here on the physical reality.

You are very patient about the union

Spiritual awakening has played a great deal in helping you develop patience, a virtue which the mature souls do possess. The physical union with the twinflame requires a lot of spiritual growth as the outdated templates are responsible for enslaving humanity in the prison of low vibrations.

Spiritually awake and patient, you know the union is going to take its own time.

Final thoughts

I know most of you are really eager about the physical union with your own twinflame. All the struggle which you are going through right now is preparing you for it. Trust me, Universe does not make mistakes.

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