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Friday, September 1, 2017

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Complete signs you are an introvert based on my personal experience, first part

Introverts are really a cool specie, they may seem dull in the beginning of the conversation, but once they open up you remain speechless. I am one of them. In this article series I am going to share the complete signs that prove one is an introvert. 

All of them come from my personal experience.

You don't have many friends

Most of the people like to hangout with the crowd, you as an introvert prefer to develop close relationships with others as you are a direct person, there is no shitty games you want to play. It is this direct opening which helps in attracting that one person who you truly trust.

You probably have only one friend. Or maybe two.

You love spending time alone

An introvert is the opposite of an extrovert. While the extrovert is partying with their own friends all the night, you are home watching your favorite television show or reading some book. You love spending time alone as you love to explore your true self through the work of others such as art, poetry, movies, maths and many other forms in which the soul of the collective is being transmitted.

You are the best at spending time alone.

You have many gifts

The majority of the people has chosen  to materialize themselves mostly through enjoying the third dimensional reality rather than creating stuff. There is nothing wrong with it, but as a person who loves to spend time alone, you do have a lot of creative energy which should be materialized in the mother Earth through the inner gifts. 

Some of the gifts that many of you may have as introverts may be painting, writing, playing instruments, being good with computers and even chess. 

One of reasons why you love spending time alone is the development of the inner gifts. For me it is writing.

You recharge in solitude

Based on my spiritual knowledge, we are souls living a human being experience here on mother Earth. As souls we do feel energy, it is normal to collect negative or positive vibrations during the interaction with other people. Introverts get sucked a lot as they love to helps others in need with their own gifts, even the ones they don't know.

Solitude is a great way to connect deeply with the true self in order to download energy from the Source in which we are all connected.

It is during the solitude that you recharge.

You don't like to have a boss over your head

It is for sure nobody wants to have a boss over their head, but you more than anyone else refuse it at any cost. Introverts can not work well in the crowd as their nature does not offer them the view which can be used to adapt in the third dimension. Creative energy is what you have more than anyone who is not an introvert on this planet, nobody can tell you how to direct and transform it in the physical reality. 

It is not because the ego an introvert can not accept a boss on their head, it is the creative energy which they do possess

You live a simple life

The masses prefer a lot to have a life which offers a lot of luxury, stuff which not only does not matter to you at all, but it makes you feel empty. A simple life is what you want to live as it offers all what is needed to develop inner gifts which download energy directly from Source.

Money and accumulating stuff are not your favorite sports. You do love to spend a lot of time on your own gifts, having fresh food on the table is enough. 

An  introvert's life is a simple life, at the same time complicated.

You believe in romance

Although the entire planet is going through what is love to call the Age of Materialism, introverts do believe in true love as their soul is mature enough to attract a soulmate. The simple life which they do live is a real proof that introverts are looking for conscious relationships, not the karmic ones as they have passed a lot of incarnations here on mother Earth.

When in solitude you like to escape in hot places.

You are really shy

Because of a minimal interaction in the society, your social skills are really primitive for the time in which you live in. Extremely shy you do fail when it comes to socializing with others part of the crowd in which it happens to hangout. I do remember myself in school, a shy kid who did get a red face each time he wanted to be friendly with another one.

There is nothing wrong with being shy, accept it and use it as a gift in your advantage

You love to read

Reading is not only a passion to you, it is a way of surviving. The same as other important elements which are needed for the body to stay in the physical plane. It is just like oxygen, when you read you breath fine.

Others probably call you a book nerd because of the time which you dedicated to reading for the purpose of feeding the soul.

Without reading, there is no living.

Final thoughts

Being an introvert myself I can tell sometimes our journey gets really hard, but that's what makes it more beautiful. In the next part I am going to share more signs that resonate with anyone on this planet who believes he or she is an introvert.

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