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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Complete signs you are connected to the Phoenix bird, first part

During the spiritual awakening, most of those who enter such experience touch the rock bottom. They lose almost everything which in the third dimension made them feel comfortable. Some spiritual souls I know have also lost their homes. The journey is really tough!

But like a phoenix who rises from the ashes, all the human beings who are going through the spiritual awakening right now, one day will truly be where they are supposed to be. In this article, I am going to share the complete signs which prove one is connected to the Phoenix bird.

You sacrifice yourself for the new self

Just like the bird who burns himself to achieve a new self, you give your old self as you know the toxic energy has to be gone for the new one to come. No matter how painful it may feel in the beginning, your higher self knows it is for your own good.

You sacrifice yourself for others

It is your nature to do a lot for others, even if it means to use your own resources for their development. Personally I have helped a lot of people in my life. Although they did not deserve it at all, I know my energy has helped in the evolution of the collective to higher frequencies.

You keep failing, but you never stop trying

Since the moment I entered spiritual awakening, everything has gone the wrong way. Or so it seems from the perspective of the outdated templates. No matter how hard I try to get up on my own two feet, I keep falling again. I know all happens for a reason as we attract what we are, so I never stop trying to materialize my true self in the third dimension.

You are a righteous soul

The Phoenix creature is righteous as it sacrifices its own self with the main purpose of becoming a better version. The third dimension is full of karmic experiences, human beings have a tendency to exploit each other so they can feel like they're worthy. Like they have achieved something. While them focus only on their self, you keep working on your mission which has a holier purpose.

You bring new heart to the table

You are the heart of the group as you are directly connected to the Source. Such connection make it possible for you to download higher consciousness with the main purpose of applying it on the physical plane so others who are in low frequencies can benefit from it.

Your are spiritual

Most of the human beings believe in science. I do too! Although such belief is being implemented in us for so many centuries, the ones who are connected to Phoenix believe in reincarnation.

You believe in rebirth

According to mythology, the Phoenix is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Just like the bird, you do believe that the old version of you has to die for the new to come. Personally I have been through major changes in my life as now that I have realized I have incarnated in a very low vibrational environment.

You are connected to number 13

At the moment I entered spiritual awakening, number 13 started to appear everywhere on my daily life. It still does! This number is truly connected with rebirth, as it represents the death of the old cycles and the beginning of a new one.

You carry the Christ consciousness within you

In my opinion Christ was a lightworker. He did sacrifice himself for the purpose of helping human beings evolve to higher frequencies. Being a carrier of Christ consciousness, you do believe in light and light is what you truly vibrate. Pure light!

You are an energy source

Just like the sun which radiates infinite energy, you are full of it. No matter how hard others try to put you down, the energy which comes from within you helps you to walk your own path without any fear. For me it has been really tough, others used so suck me. Now that I am aware due to the spiritual awakening experience, I am using my energy to develop my self.

And of course help others who truly deserve it.

You are a hard worker

While most of human beings tend to look for get rich quick schemes, you do believe in the power of hard work. I have been blogging for so much time now. Although I still can not afford to make a living from Internet, I do believe one day it will become true.

You have creative energy

Creative energy is what all of us have, but not everyone has access to it at this incarnation. Most have to go through a lot of experiences here on mother Earth to truly realize what they are capable of. Before of the rebirth, I was lost. Writing brought me back to life. At the beginning I started to create spiritual quotes to help my brothers and sisters in the process of ascension and now thanks to the hard work there is a lot of people who like to follow my work.

You believe in yourself

When one truly believes in themselves everything is possible. At the moment I have only a personal computer and Internet connection. Nothing else! But, my energy which is currently being directed to others though my writing pieces one day is going to be a big ball of energy. And it will give me back what I have invested.

Final thoughts

The spiritual journey is a tough one. One has to go through all the outdated templates, face the psychological pressure which comes from them so they can realize all is an illusion and reality at the same time. The connection to the ancient Phoenix bird is sacred one, and it should be used for helping yourself and humanity to evolve in higher frequencies.

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