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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Complete signs you are born awake, first part

Been through so much frequency upgrade during the spiritual awakening, I have come to the conclusion that the ones who are in here to help mother Earth update to higher vibrations, are born fully awake in their last incarnation. Being my last, many memories from childhood are coming back to me for the main purpose of reminding the true essence of the soul, unconditional love. All the experiences I have been through so far have helped in the tremendous spiritual growth which is needed for humanity to be where it truly deserves to be.

Although the pain is such that only those who are prepared can handle, it is always a good idea to share it through the spiritual wisdom gained so others can download the right conscious which they need to use as a light in their own path. In this article, I am going to share complete signs that prove one is born awake on mother Earth.

You feel like an outsider

While most of the people live their own life based on the outdated templates, souls who are born fully awake on mother Earth have always a weird feeling about being outsiders in the matrix where ego based decisions rule the life of the entire humanity. It is the high frequency in which the mature souls experience life that does not attract the karmic lessons they have been through in the past, the kind of lessons most need for their own spiritual growth. Because of this, as an awake soul you do live life based on high vibrations that do not resonate with the old way of doing things, so your family and your friends view you in a weird way.

Most of the time, due to the realization of the true essence of the soul in your last incarnation here on this planet you feel like you watch some movie written based on the scripture of the old templates.

Keep in mind that feeling as an outsider here on mother Earth is not a bad thing. Such realization is one of the greatest as it reminds each one of us on the awake side that we are souls having a human experience.

You are very kind

Kindness is a virtue not many have nowadays as the projection of fear by the matrix is so huge not many are mature enough to handle it. Not only humanity is feeding more fear to itself, but also kind hearts are viewed as a sign of weakness, or powerless to continue the life on the outdated frequencies from which they have escaped after going through so much spiritual struggle. The new generations that are coming to mother Earth is mainly focused on the materialism, it is such stuff which is being promoted to them all the time so they can disconnect from the true essence of the soul.

Although there is a lot of pressure by the society which is still in deep sleep, as a soul who is born awake you are not scared to transmit the energy that your awake ancestors did pass to you as a tool for moving Earth to its new version. Being kind for you is something natural, something which shows the kind of power only love can have. Something that can help all of us live the type of life which is close to the conscious one.

Being hurt so many times due to the vulnerable space your kindness creates for the ones who are in darkness to exploit, you have always been a triumphant in all the soul battles full of intrigues. You have killed them with kindness.

You take life very easy

Being born awake, you have been always aware of your true gifts. Gifts that can help one update their vibration and contribute in that of the collective. While others radiate the huge amount of stress for their future which the matrix has projected into them, as an awake soul you do understand the karmic links they have to cut after they get the required lessons for such thing to happen. Because the realization of the true essence of the soul helps one connect to the Source, stuff such past and future does not exist for them.

There is only now for you. Different from others who are still prey of the low vibrations, you do not regret the past experiences anymore as without them the kind of spiritual growth which you have achieved would not be possible.

As long as there is food on the table, books to read and basic shelter, everything is fine for you. A simple life is what you truly want, it is there where you find the beauty of the Universe.

You do not participate in relationships unless you feel connected to the person

As most of us who are awake know, almost every kind of relationship people enter in here is an experience to learn lessons for helping the soul realize its true essence. Because Earth is so karmic at the moment I am transmitting these words to you guys, it is easy to understand why most of the people are lost in the karmic cycle with the fake relationships they are currently experiencing on the Earth plane. The ones who are born awake are very aware of the energy of the other people so they know whom to trust and whom not. Every connection has to happen automatically for those on the awake side, otherwise it does not happen at all.

Most of you who are born awake, usually love to live life through solitude, an experience which shows the kind of maturity only those who have realized the true essence of the soul possess. The lessons that most humans are getting during this life time, you have experienced them in the previous incarnations. It is the love frequency in which you vibrate that does not allow you to attract fake relationships anymore, that's why you are probably a loner.

If there is no soul connection, relationships are fake. Such relationships are based on the outdated patterns of the matrix, ego based they are.

You don't like to show off

Self acceptance is what most of the humans experiencing life on the mother Earth lack so they have a big tendency to show off, something which is a sign of unconditional love missing in their life. Matrix projects so much fear in our daily lives, it forces each one of us to look for an outer acceptance through the development of ego. For example, lately the ones who have a lot of money like to show off their expensive possessions, like they want to feel accepted for what they have, not who they truly are.

Born awake, you never liked to talk about the little luxurious stuff you have had as you live life based on high frequencies such as unconditional love. Insecurities which others project through their ego based actions on the physical plane come from the main fact that they have no idea about the true essence of their soul. There is a big reason for them to incarnate in such situation, their soul needs the right lessons to grow.

So forgive them for showing off, sometimes even trying to put you down by trying to exploit the physical conditions in which you find yourself right now due to the spiritual awakening.

You believe in true love, probably a twinflame

While most have fallen in love with cash money, an awake soul is connected to their true self and has a deep trust on the existence of true love, the frequency which is responsible for conscious life here on mother Earth. Due to the materialism which is ruling our daily lives, most of the souls who have incarnated on mother Earth are falling prey of very low vibrations, living a life which is far away from the one we were primary designed for. When one gets blinded by the material world, they do forget who they truly are so for sure it is hard for them to believe in love without conditions, especially in tough times like this one we are currently experiencing.

Being born awake I always believed there is someone out there for me who is going to love me just like I love myself, the other half like they say. Such belief comes from the only fact that one who is born awake has realized the true essence of their soul.

No matter how hard life gets for me, I still believe in true love as I love myself without conditions.

You accept others for who they are

Judging is something that people who have limited experiences prefer to do. Being born awake you do accept others as they are for the main reason that you accept yourself without conditions, with both their sides, good and bad. Although such thing is a sign of the maturity of the soul, it has its disadvantages too as when one is open to anyone, it is possible that they create the vibration to attract energy vampires. And nobody wants to attract them as they suck the energy of someone who is in a higher frequency, they download conscious without permission.

How come that you are not judgmental towards others? It is the lessons that come from previous incarnations here on mother Earth that help one who is born awake navigate the third dimension. Knowledge which comes from them is sacred, it offers the kind of light which can expose any kind of darkness. As a fully awake soul here on mother Earth you have realized we are souls having a human being experience, so what is the point of judging decisions other souls have made before incarnating in physical bodies?

There is a reason for them to choose certain characteristics in the physical plane, their soul needs the lessons to grow and understand its true essence.

You have stayed a little kid

They do say growing up is a trap, they're right about it. What does it really mean to grow up, do they consider the growth of the soul as growing up? Of course not! Most of the people are still living based on the outdated templates, for them to grow up means finishing the college, getting a job and having kids. Such old belief comes from the toxic patterns being inherited by our ancestors, it controls the majority of humans at the moment.

Although others consider you a little kid who has so many dreams that are far away from reality, deep down you know you are grown as your soul knows the age of the physical shell is an illusion which matrix wants us to believe to for the main purpose of controlling us better. No matter how much pressure the society puts into you, you don't accept to grow up as you know it is a lie backed up by many other illusions such as the old belief systems.

Born awake you have realized the false beliefs and their negative effect on humanity, so no way you can accept illusions to have control over you. Just like a little fat kid who is addicted to cake, you are addicted to freedom of being yourself without any kind of fear.

You have born with knowing what it means to be a grown up. And that is to have realized unconditional love and its power.

You feel very connected to mother Nature

The concrete in which we live in today is not what we were designed for to experience here on the Earth plane. Totally disconnected from mother Nature, humanity is experiencing life in the kind of environment that is far away from our true essence.

Souls who are born awake, have a deep connection with Nature. They feel its warmth and healing abilities, they do know how important it is for the humanity to be close to mother Nature. I do remember when I was a kid I used to love cartoons about animals and Nature. Although I live in the capital of my country, a deep connection with me and Nature still exists even today.

While most run for modern technology and view it as a solution to any of their problems, an awake soul is truly aware to the importance of mother Nature on the health of humans here on this planet. Being myself on the awake side I have realized we have been designed to live close to our mother Nature, not away from here.

You are aware of your healing mission here on Earth

The human nature is very selfish, stuff which did really trigger me in the beginning when I learned about it as I was an innocent soul who did not know his dark side. It was the spiritual awakening which helped me realize how dark human life can get, it also reminded me the mission for which I have incarnated in here on this last journey on the Earth plane.

Although most of the humans would take one who is born awake as crazy for expressing their view on how the world should work, such thing does not stop you from continuing your own contribute in the upgrade of the planet to its higher version as this is what you came to truly do in here. A better future is only guaranteed when each one of works for it by using light as their main tool, no matter how much separated the matrix has made us believe we are, it is the frequency of love which reminds our souls we are all the same and connected to each other.

The mission of the lightworker starts in their childhood, it is the love which they have for themselves that help them believe in their mission as healers. It is love that motivates them, it is what drives them forward.

Final thoughts

Those who are born awake are on their last incarnation here on mother Earth with the main mission of reminding others how beautiful they really are, to remind them that they just have to look within themselves to realize their true essence. Such mission is very important for mother Earth as its upgrade depends entirely on it. Being born awake myself I can tell that the journey of the lighworker gets really hard sometimes because of the darkness which still controls humanity, but every experience is really worth the struggle as valuable lessons come out of them.

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