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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Complete signs you are believing in yourself based on my experience, first part

When we are born here on mother Earth there is a deep connection of us with our higher self, then the mind programming which is being used by the matrix to pressure us creates the kind of disconnection which makes one believe in illusions. Such separation from the true essence of our soul is the main reason why most of us lack confidence within us, during the awakening everything comes out for healing.

Comparing the old self with the new one, I can say a tremendous spiritual growth is being experienced on my part due to the spiritual awakening. It is such growth which helps in the connection with the true self, in increasing the inner confidence.

The ones who are experiencing spiritual awakening, are getting rid of many illusions they have been living in the past. When one starts to see the truth with their own ways, outdated templates of the matrix have no longer control over them.

It is when you believe in yourself that you start the real journey. In this article I am going to share complete signs that prove one is fully believing in themselves. All the signs come from my personal experience.

You don't listen others like you used to

When connection with the true self is totally missing, people can easily project their ego into you. It is their illusions which in some way have control over your destiny, even though you don't realize it as the outdated templates of the matrix are the ones which are embedded into you for so many years here on mother Earth.

Spiritual awakening is a great experience as it teaches the one who enters it the true essence of their soul, unconditional love. Thanks to this phase of life in this planet, many are realizing the true power within them.

There is nothing wrong with listening others, what is wrong is letting them project their fears into your soul.

You are very confident about your journey

While most of the people view life based on the old patterns, as an awake soul you are truly confident within you as you have realized life on Earth is a human experience to learn lessons which are needed for the spiritual growth.

Due to the mind programming humanity has experienced for so many centuries, people view life as a race they have to win. Such dysfunctional way of living is responsible for most of the darkness which each one of us is experiencing right now.

Life is not a race, it is a journey. You are not a player, you are pure consciousness.

You don't fear the future anymore

Matrix programs us to fear the future by implementing all kind of fears. In this way it keeps control of humans just like controlling an army of zombies. After the realization of the truth, one understands that the true future is within them. Spiritual awakening helps a great deal in creating the reality from within, the true one.

I remember myself being extremely scared for my future after failing in college so many times because of the hard  spiritual stuff I was going through at that time. When I look back, I do realize that fear which was implemented to me by the system was responsible for me vibrating on very low frequencies.

Long story short, there is no future. There is only now.

It is very hard to put you down

People who have not entered the spiritual awakening yet are living life based on low vibrations such as anger, hate, jealousy and fear. Because each one of us on the awake side has experienced such frequencies, we do understand why most of the people try to put each other down. It gives them a sense of worth which in reality it is a fake one.

Once you start to believe in yourself others can not put you down easily as your security comes from within. The illusions of the third dimensional world in which you did get trapped in the past can no longer control you.

You believe in yourself so much matrix can no longer control over you.

You believe in your dreams

No matter how far away from reality your dreams may seem to others when you express them, the connection to the true self motivates you deeply to truly believe in them. Telling from my personal experience, although I am experiencing rock bottom for more than two years I do believe one day my dream of touching the top will come true.

If you don't believe in your dreams, then who will?! Everything is energy vibrating in a certain frequency so you better adjust to the right frequency.

Once one believes in their true self, it becomes easier to manifest their dreams in the physical plane.

You are creating your own reality

The reality in which most of the people are living in right now is the result of many centuries of programming through the vibration of fear. Only a few do realize such important truth as most are in deep sleep, living a life full of low frequencies.

When one connects to their true self, they do realize how much illusions their past holds. Such realization is shocking, but at the same time eye opening.

Believing in your self means believing in the reality which comes from within. Lately I have been triggered again by illusions of the matrix, but I am working hard on my self development to attract the reality which I truly want.

The ones who are awake do believe in the reality which comes from within. The other one is fake, ego projections.

Final thoughts

When one doesn't believe in themselves they are going to fall prey of people who like to control others. The disconnection from the true self makes one vulnerable for the matrix to control and decide their reality. Only when I did meet my true self I did realize such truth.

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