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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Complete signs you are ascending on Earth based on my experience, first part

Mother Earth is going through a major ascension process which is helping souls on their last incarnation in here wake up to their true essence. I have been experiencing the spiritual awakening since 2011 and I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul to truly surrender to my own journey here on the physical plane. Because of the deep pain experienced during all these life changing experiences, I love sharing my knowledge so others who are on similar situations to which i went through can use my spiritual consciousness to progress in their development of self.

First let's explain in simple words what does it mean to ascend here on mother Earth. To ascend on the physical plane means to come materialized as your true self in the material world where souls have experiences with the main purpose of realizing their true nature.

The main purpose of this article is to give the signs which resonate with the ones that are going through the ascension process. All of them come from my personal experience.

You change sleeping patterns

During the ascension process human body goes through a frequency upgrade so you may experience a desire of not wanting to sleep during the night. Based on my experience, I can tell that most of the souls who are currently going through the ascension are dealing with insomia

You experience frequent temperature changes

Because of the vibration update the physical shell goes through during the ascension, it has to change its temperature frequently due to the toxic being hold from the past experiences here on mother Earth. If you suddenly feel that your shell is getting really hot or extremely cold don't worry as such stuff is normal to those who are ready to materialize their true essence in the third dimension.

You experience extreme difficulties in breathing

An obvious sign which is normal during the ascension is hardship in breathing. As the body tries to match the frequency of the soul, the one who is going through the spiritual awakening experiences tough situations when it comes to breathing. At the moment I am writing these words, breathing is very normal for me, but to be honest I had to go through very dark times, it was impossible for me to breath normally. I had to breathe only by using my mouth. 

You get out of body very often

When one goes through the ascension process is not only their soul which receives a frequency upgrade, but their body too. Because the soul is the one which wakes up first, its new reality does not match the old one anymore as it is outdated. So the soul decides to get out and let the body clean from the toxic which it holds. When one goes out of their body, it feels like you are floating in space, the same as astronauts in their cosmic ship.

You get easily triggered by noises

What before was normal for your ears to experience, in the updated reality it becomes pure noise so it is normal for you to get triggered until the moment it does not affect your human being anymore. I remember moments when I had to go in crazy mode from the voices around. So in case you feel like you are being deeply bothered from the noise around, be patient as once your body matches the frequency of your soul it automatically filters the physical energy which does not serve you anymore in your mission.

You feel out of the old reality very often

As the ones who are awake say, your frequency matches the reality in which you currently vibrate. Due to the frequent vibration changes during the ascension process, most of the time you feel like you are out of the world. And you are out of the world as you experience high vibrations that have nothing to do with the old patterns of living the life.

You feel like you want to change your food diet

The food we eat daily is responsible for the vibration of our body. When one has experienced a lot of toxic situations in their life, it is for sure the food they eat is not healthy at all. The food being produced by the industry is toxic, such hypothesis is being proved during the ascension when one who is going through it wants to quit eating as their body does not accept to feed of toxic anymore. 

Personally I drink a lot of water daily, the body desires it as it wants to clean as much toxic as possible so it can match the updated frequency of the soul. Just like me, many of you may have plans to grow their own food in the near future.

You probably want to quit smoking

This sign is only for those who do smoke, of course! Being a smoker myself, during the ascension process it happened that the next day body did not accept any cigarette at all. It felt like you never wanted to smoke again. That easy!

Cigarettes are very bad to consume during the awakening as they for sure contribute in lowering the vibrations of the one who smokes them.

Suddenly you want to change lifestyle

As you go through the ascension process, you experience the kind of frequency upgrade which does not resonate with the old reality anymore, which in my opinion is very karmic. Due to the vibration update you want to experience life in higher frequencies,  as I mentioned above you may even want to eat different.

Personally after entering the ascension process I have quit bad habits of drinking alcohol. Recently I have also realized that drinking lowers your vibration.

You experience complete disorganization

During the ascension process both the body and the soul experience frequency upgrade, the one who goes through it does not resonate with the outdated patterns anymore so they may go through a complete disorganization in their own life until they do realize it is normal not to feel connected to the toxic past.

What in the beginning seems like a total disorganization, is needed for the soul who are ascending here on mother Earth to update their way of living.

You get lost in the collective often

During the ascension process, one becomes very vulnerable as they start to operate from the true nature of the soul, something which is viewed as weird by the ones who are still experiencing life in low vibrations. Keep in mind that the ones who are operating the third dimension based on the outdated patterns, tend to exploit the spiritually awake people as we make easy preys for them.

Not only this, but once one is ascending on the physical plane as their true self, they usually get lost in the toxic collective as they are directly connected to the Source.

You can not focus on anything at all

Having read a lot of books myself before, during the ascension it was impossible for me to even focus on the title of one book. Those who go through the ascension process experience lack of mental focus, there is nothing on this dimension that can keep them focused. 

You become very impatient

Things on this dimension manifest very slow as mother Earth is currently vibrating in very low frequencies. Because those who are going through the ascension process do receive major update in their consciousness, the action in the third dimension feels really slow to them. So it is normal for them to become impatient and express it without fear of being judged.

Bulbs burn out often

It happened at the moment I was writing this article for you guys to enjoy. As I was being concentrated in writing this piece, a noise bothered the others around me here at the bar. They turned their heads to find out what happened on my table, I was confused too.

Then I did realize that the bulb of the table was not producing light anymore. It suddenly got burned out. Many say that due to the frequency upgrade experienced by the one who goes through ascension, even the electronic devices may malfunction in their presence.

You experience a lot of darkness 

The darkness which you go through during the ascension is needed so you can realize the true essence of the soul, your true worth. Unconditional love! 

To be honest the darkness experienced during the ascension is of the kind only a few can handle, only those who are ready for it. Most of the time you feel so lonely as nothing makes sense. Be patient brave soul as all happens for your own spiritual growth.

The darkness is needed for you to discover your own light.

You feel completely detached from the third dimension often

An upgrade in frequency means a new reality. What resonated with you in the past because of the low vibration you had, does not anymore. So you feel detached from the material world really often as the soul is reintegrating in the third dimension.

Sometimes you may feel like you are dying

To ascend as your true self here on mother Earth, the old one has to die. During the ascension process one feels like they're dying as the soul goes through a major rebirth.

You become very sensitive to smells

During the ascension process one becomes highly sensitive to all kinds of smells. Many of you may even have new allergic experiences. For example, I do not feel good when my mother cleans the floor with chemical detergents.

You may experience extreme weight loss or weight gain

Another obvious sign for the ones who are going through the ascension process is the mass change of the physical shell. Some may lose a lot of weight, some may gain. Personally I have lost so much weight everyone who knows me is noticing it.

Final thoughts

Ascension is a heavy experience only a few have the privilege to enter it in this incarnation, as it requires a huge soul growth. Other signs that prove one is going through such experience are going to be shared on the second part.

© 2017 Copyright by Awake Panda 
All Rights Reserved.


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