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Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Complete reasons why you should stop being the nice person, first part

A nice person has a really kind soul which is all about the positive energy with the main purpose of helping others improve their life in any way possible. Ready to be useful at any kind of situation and point in time, nice people find true joy in spending their own light to enlighten the path of others who are lost in the darkness of the outdated templates.

Although such way of living the life brings inner happiness to the one who experiences it, at the same time it creates the kind of frequency which is responsible for attracting abusive souls who like to exploit others for their personal benefits. Having experienced toxic relationships myself due to the gentle soul which I have, I decided to compile a list of reasons why one should stop being the nice person so they can avoid being used.

Let's start with each one of them, keep in mind that mostly the knowledge which I do share on this website comes from my personal experience.

A nice person attracts a lot of energy vampires

Energy vampires make their living by sucking the conscious of other souls here on mother Earth, usually they do exploit kind souls by acting nicely in the beginning so they can earn their trust. Once the trust is being earned they show their true colors by downloading pure white energy from the kind souls  without their permission.

As a nice person, you radiate the type of energy which is welcoming to anyone who is experiencing life as a human being on the Earth plane. It is the high frequency in which you operate the third dimension that becomes a source of attraction for energy vampires who charge by stealing the energy of others.

As a nice person you have a great desire to help others, on the other side the energy vampires need to recharge, but they can not do such thing on their own.

That's the main reason for you to attract them. By being a nice person you setup your own traps to yourself, so please quit being nice to everyone.

Even your parents wrong you

Although it is believed that parents love their own kids without conditions, as far as my personal experiences as a soul here on mother Earth go, you can not give unconditional love to someone unless you don't love yourself first.

Even the relationships with our parents are dark to some degree. When nice, it usually happens that your parents take advantage of it by limiting your world based on the outdated templates in which they have been raised. Not that they do such stuff with an intention of making you feel bad about yourself, they just project their inherited fears into your ego because your kindness allows them to do so.

A nice person does not like to argue much, they are more on the spiritual side.

A nice person gets used all the time

When someone is a nice person, it happens that those around him or her tend to exploit them all the time. At work it is the nice person who handles the most tasks, even those of their coworkers. Because as a kind soul you are a yes person, evil people take this as an advantage on their own and use it to exploit you so they can gain energy.

It is very simple. People who operate from low frequencies, find your way of living the life as a point of exploitation for their own personal benefits.

Be nice with the ones who deserve it as there is so many who use people when they meet a kind soul.

Even strangers exploit a nice person

No matter where you meet new people, online or in person, as soon as they find out you are a nice person most of them try to exploit you. It is in the nature of the human beings to seek external security in others so they can feel worthy of themselves.

Exploiting others is normal for most of the people experiencing life on the Earth plane, this is how they survive. As a kind soul you do find such stuff really ugly when you do realize it, but kind soul please forgive anyone who did wrong you as all happens for your own soul growth.

It is time to stop being nice to everyone, it is for your own good.

A nice person gets all the responsibility and critique 

Being nice attracts a lot of good energy, at the same time a lot of responsibility given by your elders or different people who are in the position of authority. In you they do see someone who is willing to push their projects to the limits, they see someone who can truly trust.

Because you can not say no to anyone, all the responsibility falls into you. And when you do fail due to the fact you can not handle it anymore, the ones who put you into such position are the first to do a bad critique on you.

Stop being nice, unless you want to handle stuff which is not yours and get all the bad words possible.

A nice person does not take care of themselves

Due to the empathy you have for other souls who are struggling with their own journey here on mother Earth, you spend your energy on others instead of focusing and directing it on your own self development first. Such kindness is one of the main reasons why nice people forget to take care of themselves, their main priority is coming to help to those in need.

Although it is a great experience to be useful with your own light to others who need it, it is necessary that first you take care of yourself first.

You are the most important person on the Universe. Take care of yourself, then help others who really need your beautiful soul.

A nice person feels drained in energy all the time

It usually happens that a nice person is on the spiritual side, with the main mission of helping humanity to upgrade to higher frequencies by using their own energy. The ones on the awake side feel drained in energy a lot during the day as they use their higher frequencies to update the souls on are dealing with darkness.

Feeling drained in energy is not the end of the world, but based on my personal experience I can tell it is not a good feeling. Although recharge is possible as we are all connected to the Source, I do recommend you to spend the energy wisely and give only to those who really need it.

Be nice with your light to those who are facing the most darkness right now, not to souls who want to steal your consciousness. Or feel drained...

A nice person does not enjoy the fruits of mother Earth much

Focused on their primary mission of moving mother Earth to higher frequencies with their white light, nice people do not have much time for what normal people consider fun. Having experienced the nice person myself, I can tell that we do lose a lot of memories by focusing the entire energies on solving the problems of others.

It is not healthy to take care of others more than you do of yourself. Spiritual awakening helped me to understand such stuff, so I am setting boundaries and protecting my radiation zone from those who want to suck my energy.

Although our main mission on this planet is to help in the evolution of humanity to higher vibrations, at the same time we have to enjoy what Earth has to offer. It is a beautiful experience and it should be lived to the fullest.

Focus on yourself, enjoy time on mother Earth. Experience her fruits.

A nice person gets mistreated by their life partner

I have seen great men mistreated by their women. Not that the opposite does not happen, but the purpose of this article is not to analyse karmic relationships. What I am trying to say is that when you're known as the nice person, you probably do attract a partner who has a high need to suck the energy of others. On the other side, you have a deep desire to help others.

So do you want to spend your life with someone who exploits your own kindness just for the purpose of making themselves feel better?!

I don't think so.

A nice person does not progress much in career

While others use their personal connections to progress in their career, nice people tend to do that with their own forces. Such way of navigating the third dimension, is a sign of people who are prepared for the New Earth, as far as my experiences go things on this planet in which we live right now do not work like nice people want them to.

Not only it is hard for you to progress in career due to the fact that you want to make everything on your own, but you are the one who does all the work for those who make it to the top by using it.

Although career does not matter much to you as it is the update of humanity which you seek everyday, it is good to use your own skills to get what you truly deserve to have.

Let nobody use your work as their own, progress step by step.

Final thoughts

The purpose of this article is to help the kind souls realize why they should stop being nice to everyone, to help them set boundaries so they avoid the evil souls who like to feed off from the energy of others.

In the next part, I am going to share more reasons. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section, I would be happy to have insights of other nice people on such topic.

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