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Friday, September 15, 2017

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Apple launches Iphone X, no more Home button

Apple has introduced Iphone X, the smartphone which marks a new generation of iphones as it comes equipped with the latest technology one can imagine out there such as face recognition to unlock, authenticate and even pay, Super Retina display and even Animojis which can take original facial expressions of the customer who owns such device.

                Video showing Animojis in action

Pronounced as Iphone ten, the priceless smartphone has replaced the Home button which users have been used to with fluid gestures that are intuitively designed so it is easy for anyone to use.

As you guys can see from the above photo, IOS 11 has been redesigned so it perfectly takes full advantage of the 5.8-inch Super Retina display. Another huge change in design which immediately catches the eye of the user is the new technology employed by the Super Retina display, the kind of technology which helps to follow the elegant rounded corners of Iphone X, giving it a shape which totally differs from the previous models.

To make stuff even more concrete for the ones who have not yet the chance to put their hands on the Apple's latest smartphone, we decided to share a few photos originally sourced from the tech giant so everyone can follow without heating their brain too much.

The Super Retina display employs new techniques and technology to follow curves of the design like shown in the above photo.

Although the new product which has not been launched for the masses yet looks like it gonna break at the first fall, according to the official source it features the most durable glass available out there which makes the device resistant in water and dust.

Iphone X is as elegant as it is durable while maintaining water and dust resistance

If you are thinking that Iphone X has not more features to offer to the consumer, I have to tell you are completely wrong. Full of surprises, the latest Iphone is being considered as the future of the smartphone era. Such label is backed up by the latest technology out there, it is not a fake one.

A great improvement when compared to the previous Iphone models has been done on the battery life, Iphone X battery is able to get charged at 50% only in thirty minutes. Not only this, but the new Iphone can also be charged directly via wireless. The accessory which is going to put in life the advanced charging technology is AirPower which is coming in 2018,  an amazing gadget which can charge up to three devices simultaneously.

The glass back design on Iphone X enables a world-class wireless charging solution

A great feature which looks revolutionary in the smartphone world being shipped with Iphone X is the user authentication, done via the FaceID application. To those who have been used to the finger unlock I have to say that such old feature does not exist anymore in the latest Apple smartphone as the new one has replaced it, offering a lower failure rate, 1000000:1 to be exact. Enabled by the new TrueDepth camera, not only users can use such feature to unlock their Iphone X, but also to complete payment transactions via it.

Face ID on Iphone X introduces a revolutionary new way to securely unlock, authenticate and pay.

What many years ago looked like science fiction is being materialized in the third dimension by very skilled engineers, Iphone X is the proof which can be touched.

According to GSM Arena, Face ID makes use of the Dot projector which paints 30000 points on the user's face to create a precise depth map so it can accomplish its main function.

For those who are addicted to selfies, Iphone X offers a selfie camera which can also gain Portrait mode thanks to the information provided by Face ID.

Although pre-orders for Iphone X start October 27, you will be able to get your hands on it only after November 3. There are two color options: Silver and Space Grey. 

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