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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


A word on sexual energy for awake people

Sexual energy is the fire at the base of the spine that is mirrored back from the sun.  It travels up the spine once the core energy is drawn through the back of the cranium. It has a unitized force of polarity in motion.

This hits the base of the spine and forms two snakes of energy polarity force as is termed by many the Yin and Yang, or the positive and negative charges, male and female principles.  It then dances up the spine into independent forces that repel and attract at different ganglia of nerve endings or centres. 

Chakras and kundalini energy. The snakes represent male and female energy.

Chakras and Kundalini energy. The snakes represent male and female energy. As they hit the grids on the way up the spine they form a spinning vortex of energy that is like a cone of energy and has each centre, a wavelength of expression.  This is termed by some as the chakras.  The higher the energy, that greater the uplifting of these centres, and of course the experience.  

It is the connection of consciousness that is the trigger point of this stairway back to the union of the two fields.  It is in this area that sexual desires to unify is felt as the energies have unraveled into the human body experience.  And in this motion, men and women dance in union to the principles that are phasing in and out of polarities with each other, which is the calling of union, no different than a North and South Pole polarity that attracts.

Love is energy.

When the phases are out of sync then the entity is confused and seeks to amplify that which they are out of touch with.  This is why you have on your world people that choose the same gender, for information of what they are not running in themselves.

But a balanced energy is in sync and in the balance of union between a man and a woman for the creation of connection, and the calling of life to imprint in their union.  For a woman has a dynamic wormhole that is the gateway for souls to be brought through.

This is very powerful information and karmic energies should be experienced with the right partner as it will imprint permanent, marking upon the soul during the life journey.  Great information and energies are expressed in the acts of lovemaking.

This article is written by Denis Price and is shared on with her permission.

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All Rights Reserved. 


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