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Monday, September 25, 2017


3 richest pastors in America

Christ sacrificed his own life on cross to help humanity evolve to higher frequencies through his spiritual consciousness, but the human nature is so evil we are still stuck in darkness. Although Earth is currently receiving major energy updates, low vibrations still have control over our lives. One form in which the power of darkness is being materialized in the physical plane is materialism, an illusion that feeds the ego of most of the people who are in deep sleep.

Not only has materialism penetrated into the brainwashed minds, but also in those who preach the sacred word of Jesus Christ. There are many pastors who are using the Christ consciousness to make financial profits by manipulating true followers of christianity to join their so called salvation programs.  

The purpose of this article is to list three richest pastors in America who live in luxury while the rest of the world struggles to put food on the table.

Kenneth Copeland

Having a networth of more than $700 million,  Kenneth owns a 1, 500 acres  campus which includes a church, a hangar for the ministry's $17.5 million jet, a $6 million lakefront mansion and other private aircrafts.

Although not yet a billionaire, the rich pastor claims billionaire status. Having sold millions of books, he specializes in biblical teaching that focuses on faith, love and prosperity through the consciousness of  God.

The following is a view of his mansion.

Pat Robertson

Having a networth way lower than Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson is not even close to being a billionaire, but for sure he is part of the millionaire club. According to official sources on the internet his networth is calculated to be around $100 million. Using religion as a tool to manipulate the masses, this money guru has managed to run his Christian Broadcasting Network in more than 180 countries.

An interesting fact about this pastor is that he ran for president in the late 80s, but was unsuccessful.

Benny Hin

Benny is a little fish when compared to the pastors being shared above. Having a networth of $42 million Benny runs healing summits worldwide in large stadiums of major cities, which are later being broadcast on his television program "This is your day".

Benny Hinn's Gulfstream IV Jet

Final thoughts

Although there is nothing wrong with being rich, it is really weird how brainwashed the humanity is for following a bunch of fake pastors that have nothing in common with the Christ consciousness as their main focus is the money. When one is for real a follower of God they do share their wealth with the ones who are struggling for real, instead of spending it on luxurious stuff such as mansions,  aircrafts and private jets.

Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section. We are very curious to know what you truly think about the ones who are using the spirit of Christ for their own personal gains. 

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