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Sunday, August 27, 2017


What is the New Earth, first part

Many on the spiritual journey have been introduced to the term New Earth, not all of them understand it. Humanity has been experiencing life on Earth plane in low frequencies for many centuries, in what I prefer to call the Toxic Earth. With the spiritual awakening, people are waking up to the true essence of their soul, unconditional love. Such realization is a big step in moving towards the updated Earth as it is unconditional love which is going to serve as the main tool in creating it.

What exactly is the New Earth?

The New Earth is the result of a tremendous update of the old frequencies with higher ones such as unconditional love, self worth and inner happiness, a huge shift in the way of living. It is the pass from toxic ways of living to conscious ones.

Lets give a more detailed view on the New Earth based on the knowledge I am downloading from Source.

Unconditional love is the main template in the New Earth

Almost all types of relationships which exist on mother Earth at the moment I am writing this article are based on personal gain as they are ego based. The spiritual awakening is helping people to wake up to their true essence, with such understanding the way they view the outer reality changes totally when compared to the previous one.

Unconditional love frees the one who experiences it from all kind of illusions, it is a tool to discover the truth. When far from it, people vibrate in low frequencies which are responsible for the dysfunctional templates the humanity is currently experiencing.

With the update of the Earth frequency to a higher one, the outdated templates will automatically go away and open space for new ones to come.

The new templates in which humanity is going to live are going to be based on the Unconditional Love.

Relationships in the New Earth will be conscious

Most of us have a lot of karma to clean due to the previous incarnations here on planet Earth. Relationships we develop with each other are mainly karmic, experiences to learn the right lessons which are needed for our own spiritual growth.

As we clean karma from the inside and get more consciousness, we get deep knowledge on ourselves. It is the healthy relationship with self which helps one develop a conscious relationship with the outer world.

Spiritual awakening is shifting humanity to high frequencies, it is normal for new relationships to be based on high vibrations.

There is no religion in the New Earth

Different religions coexist in the Earth in which we live right now. Religion helps people spiritually if practiced in the right way. Lately it is being used by politicians for mass control of the people for their financial benefits and such thing is no good.

As more people enter the spiritual awakening, mother Earth moves really fast to high frequencies. Such shift helps to expose a lot of darkness which is responsible for the toxic patterns the entire humanity is still experiencing.

Although all the religions have the union of all souls in one body as their main philosophy, history has proven the opposite. Many wars have taken place in the past due to the religious differences among civilizations.

We don't need such stuff anymore. We are so much spiritually evolved to fall for darkness like that.

Spiritual growth and personal development will be the main priorities in the updated Earth while the religion is going to be respected like before, but not practiced as much as it was in the low frequency planet.

There is no government in the New Earth

While people still believe in the idea of being goverened by a government, awake beings have understood deeply that politicians are part of a higher hierarchy which has the main objective of making money in every way possible no matter the consequences.

Each day many people are waking up from the deep sleep they have been through, realizing how their governments use and exploit them for financial gain.

What is the point of having a government when you exist only as a zombie in it?!

According to the knowledge which I am downloading from Source, the New Earth is going to have self sustainable cities/towns where there is no central government.

There is no military in the New Earth

A simple trace back through the history proves humanity has been living in the vibration of fear for so many centuries. So much blood has been shed due to the ego of the collective, humans have experienced so much struggle on mother Earth.

The update of the frequency to a higher one will shift humanity from the vibration of fear to that of love, there will be no need for military.

Military is a direct result of the vibration of fear.

There is no currency in the New Earth

As humans realize the true essence of their soul, their previous desires to accumulate wealth start to disappear as they understand happiness comes from inside. There is no need for a currency on the New Earth as the exchange of energy is going to be based on the needs of a receiver and a giver, mainly basic survival needs.

In short words, humans of the New Earth will exchange goods with each other depending on their primary needs.

As primitive as this idea may sound, it is a modern one to the awake people.

Families of the New Earth are conscious

Most of us come from dysfunctional families as a result of karmic partners, there is no shame on it. As the humanity progresses with the spiritual awakening, souls realize their true essence. Such discovery is a changing step in how people build their relationships with themselves and with others.

The realization of the true essence of the soul pushes people to look for themselves in others, to enter in conscious relationships.

When relationships are based on the true self and not on illusions, conscious families are born. The first ones who will be lucky enough to experience awake families are twinflames.

Schools of the New Earth are conscious

The schools most of us have attended have been based mostly on authority, like they are the only source of knowledge. Free will of students in such schools is oppressed. Spiritual awakening helps people to realize their true gifts, conscious schools are needed for the proper development of the talents in the third dimension.

New Earth will have conscious schools where students will develop their true talents and find the inner gifts.

On the New Earth focus is on the inner self

The current human vibrates in low frequencies as there is no connection to the true self. This kind of radiation is responsible for attracting all types of illusions in someone's life.

During the awakening, the one who enters it goes through a major update as the connection with the true self is achieved. The connection to the real self creates space for further development and spiritual growth.

The human of the New Earth is focused on inner growth as he or she knows that the real change can only come from within.

Connections of the New Earth are soul based

At the state in which we are vibrating right now, we do create new connections based on similarities which are defined by the outdated templates. Such connections are not based on the true essence of our soul, so in some way they're nothing but fake links.

Connections on the New Earth will happen automatically as they are going to be based on the true essence of the soul, not on ego.

Final thoughts

Spiritual awakening has helped me to connect to my true self and download consciousness directly from the Source, so I decided to share my knowledge on the New Earth. In the next part I am going to share more information.

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