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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Video, spiritually awake homeless guy has lost faith in humanity

Those who have suffered a lot while walking their journey here on planet Earth, tend to have a really good heart which is welcoming to other souls. Been through a lot of struggle in his life, a homeless guy who has been to prison for drug possession, has lost faith in humanity. Feeling rejected after his release from jail, the kind soul has decided to accept himself without conditions by living a hipster lifestyle. 

"The hard part was not going to jail, it was getting out, and trying to be part of the society again. At one time I was a contractor, I had four employees, three bedroom house, blah blah bla; and I had to lose it all to realize it is just stuff.", says the wise man.

Experiences through which the soul goes through, help to understand the true essence, unconditional love. It is the loss the homeless guy has gone through which has helped him to realize his inner worth, the true one.

Having experienced deep pain myself, I know all happens for a big purpose. It is what happened in the past that taught me the right lessons to make it this far in the spiritual journey. You can use what happened to you as a tool to build a bright future, or play the victim of a reality full of illusions run by the ego.

As far as my knowledge goes, the man is remembering the fact he is a spiritual being living a human experience in a physical shell. It makes me truly happy to see more souls become awake as we are all in this together.

When watching the video, touched by his kindness, the following words is what I want to remember as a spiritual reminder on my own path.

"They don't want me to be part of their society anymore; so I decided fuck it! I'm sleep in a tent, I'm do what I love for a living, which is playing music, and if I just make a little bit of money I rather do what I love with a passion and make a little money than go back to contracting and trying to make a lot of money..." 

The following is his video where he spits the truth. Fake people ain't gonna like it; it may trigger some bad emotions into them.

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