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Friday, August 4, 2017

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Video, spiritual guru Osho explains why devils don't exist

Well known for his spiritual wisdom, spiritual guru OSHO, during an interview has declared that devils don't exist. According to his sacred knowledge, God and Devil are two sides of the same coin, created by man through his ego.

Another weird fact shared during the interview, is that both words devil and divine come from the same root, a Sanskrit one. Deva, means heavenly divine and devil at the same time.

Everything is an experience which should be lived, lessons should be made out of them for the purpose of reaching inner peace. Spiritual awakening has changed my life totally, it has helped me realize that the inner self is the true creator of our reality.

The awakening of humanity, which has been in deep sleep for so long through struggles in illusions, is questioning the religion in a very deep way. What has been thought as the truth, is being exposed by the light which comes through unconditional love reached by awake people.

"Such things are for people who are asleep and never tested anything in life through their own self", says the guru.

A concrete view on what OSHO did mean during his interview about the devils existence, can be achieved by watching the video shared below.

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