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Monday, August 7, 2017

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Video, man arrested for breaking the laws of gravity

A guy well known on the internet for his levitating skills has been arrested by the police while practicing on the beach without harming anyone around or disturbing the peace. The police officer has asked the practitioner to go and perform on the square, but the peaceful civilian responded that he was not doing any performance, just expressing his freedom of speech through a different form.

"This isn't a performance, this is my freedom of speech. I am not asking for tips here. ", said the guy who was being arrested during the talk with the police officers.

Judging by his appearance, the guy seems to be Special Head, famous for his levitation performance on America's got talent where he shocked the crowd by his amazing skills.

World is going through so much changes right now, due to the shifts in energy everything is being questioned. What kind of right does the police have in arresting someone who is enjoying time in nature, improving their self?!

Did they arrest him for breaking the law of gravity or to feed their ego?

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