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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Ubuntu 17.10 no more Unity by default

I remember using Unity by default in Ubuntu, but the experience was not as good as in the Gnome session. So much buzz was generated in different online communities by the Ubuntu geeks who did not like Unity being shipped by default in their linux distribution. According to official sources, Ubuntu developers have agreed to ship Ubuntu Dock in the Gnome session by default, this way differentiating it from other Gnome desktops in other linux distros.

As you guys many know, the development of Unity has been stopped long time ago by its developer.

Ubuntu 17.10 is going to be shipped with Ubuntu Dock and Gnome shell by default, such graphical user interface looks very similar to Unity as the icons of the most used applications are being placed on the left side. 

After a brief research on the Internet, we did find some screenshots which are taken directly from the main devs, so we decided to share it with you guys.

Let us know your opinion of such change in the comments section, we would be happy to know them. 


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