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Friday, August 18, 2017

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This city has no government, no religion and no money

As a lightworker it is normal for me wanting to live in a place where basic outdated templates such as religion, race and social status which are being used for mass control in deeply programmed societies, don't exist. I do believe it is the dream of anyone on the spiritual journey, as when one becomes conscious they need the proper environment to develop the gifts of the soul in the third dimension. While most of the humans living a third dimensional based life think of such stuff as utopia, highly evolved spiritual beings experiencing life on Earth have proved the opposite.

While the humanity shifts to higher frequencies, so does its way of living. People are tired of the struggle which comes with the heavy industrialization, due to the connection with their true selves they want to go back to mother Nature.

After some research on the internet, I did find a self sustainable city which I would love to share with spiritual people from all over the world.


Auroville started in the early 70s with the main mission of becoming a universal city for man and women from all over the world, it is a place where people live in peace and harmony no matter the nationality, religion they did have in the past, or social status.

Located in the south of India, the international township offers a perfect environment for the awake human beings.

According to the official site, Auroville counts people from some 49 nations, from all kind of social classes and cultural backgrounds. The diversity is what makes the township a great effort in the mission of awakening humanity to illusions which the matrix feeds it with for the purpose of mass control.

The initial project for the self sustainable city was started by the Mother, now it is being successfully materialized in the third dimension and gives hope to the union of humanity no matter the differences projected by the ego.

The followings are some photos of Auroville.

Road which runs across the forest in Auroville

Sport activities in Auroville

Mobility in Auroville

Auroville food festival

I am sure one day many people will visit this international conscious community, as the humanity experiences a huge shift in frequency to the spiritual awakening, its population will grow tremendously.

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